11 COVID-19 cases in RBDF during second wave

Eleven positive COVID-19 cases were confirmed within the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBPF) during the second wave on New Providence, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

Thirty contacts were identified as a result of those cases.

The cases and contacts were identified between July 1 and August 23.

Nineteen contacts and cases had high-risk exposure.

That exposure resulted in the confirmation of three COVID-19 cases — case 1,145, case 447 and case 597 — within the force.

Case 1,145 had 12 contacts.

Seven of its contacts had high-risk exposure, three had medium risk and two had minimal risk.

Case 447 had one minimal-risk contact.

No contacts were identified for case 597.

None of the three cases resulted in new cases.

Eight positive cases – case 965, case 786, case 1,124, case 797, case 970, case 925, case 858 and case 964 — were the result of minimal-risk exposure within the defense force.

Seventeen contacts were identified as a result of those cases.

Case 965 had five contacts; three were medium-risk and two were high-risk.

Case 1,124 had three medium-risk contacts and two high-risk contacts.

Case 970 had one medium-risk contact and one high-risk contact.

Case 964 had five high-risk contacts.

No contacts were identified for case 786, case 797, case 597, case 925 and case 858. 

In total, 17 contacts had high-risk exposure. 

Ten contacts had medium-risk exposure and only three had minimal-risk exposure.

None of the contacts were infected as a result of exposure to positive RBDF cases.

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