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Major changes to be made in cricket

The eighth place finishing for the men’s national cricket team, at the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 8 Tournament, has helped executives in the Bahamas Cricket Association (BCA) identify the problems the sport is now facing on the local and international fronts.

Interim President Ivan James, who also served as manager of the team, noted that the national program is a strong one, but adjustments need to be made in order to achieve success. The Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 8 tournament was held in Kuwait last week. The Bahamas finished with a 1-4 win/loss record. The win came against Gibraltar. Kuwait hosted teams from Suriname, Vanuatu, Bhutan, Gibraltar, Germany, Zambia and The Bahamas.

James said: ”From the onset, the team started out beautifully. They were very much in control of the game. It turned out that we won that match because we played with a lot of enthusiasm. After the first game that we played, my pace bowler got injured. And after that, everything went downhill for us. The team never regained that comradeship that they needed to have in such an international tournament. A lot of factors might have contributed to that.”

“I think it helps us to know that you have to play team ball if you want to have a successful tournament. We just failed to put the team effort together. My batters just batted so badly, it was unbelievable. Only two batters showed up in all the games. The other games, we didn’t get anything from the rest of them. Cricket is like baseball, if your number two, three and four batters don’t hit the ball you are not going to win any game. I would contribute the losses to the lack of comradeship, because I just cannot see it being the mental toughness of the players. I didn’t see them gelling together. We played so poorly after the first game.”

With several tournaments coming on stream next year, James believes that now is the time to revamp the national teams. He believes that programs should be in place to better prepare all national squads. Better preparation of teams is high on the agenda, James adding that revealed that the lack of attending or hosting any pre-tournament could have been one of the contributing factors to the team’s downfall.

“Yes, the losses were close, but we allowed it to be close.” stressed James. “And that is the reason why I am emphasizing that there was no comradeship and lack of mental toughness. There were also other factors involved, but to me, they were just not focused. What caused it, I don’t know, but I will have some remedies. I will assure you.”

When asked if there will be any changes for the national team, James said, “Oh yes.” These changes should be seen before the team heads to Suriname in April 2011.

He added: ”The problems will be straightened out in near future and The Bahamas will be out there and they will be recognized on the field.”

A tournament is also scheduled for the Under-19 national team in February, around the sixth. James said some players from this squad will definitely be added to the senior national men.

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