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BCA sets the record straight


The Bahamian Contractors Association( BCA) has pledged to do everything in its power to meet the expectations of the Baha Mar team and the Bahamian public.

Congratulating the government on securing”unprecedented participation totaling some 20%of the total build-out of the project”, BCA President Stephen Wrinkle sought to set the record straight on the integrity of the association.

“To the best of my knowledge, no member of this, or any BCA Council has ever solicited, received or been party to any solicitation, bribe, payoff or promise of work, from any contractor, developer, government department or minister,”Wrinkle said.

Wrinkle addressed the media during a press conference on Thursday, November 25 at Casuarinas, West Bay Street on the preparations the BCA is making to ensure Bahamian contractors are ready to take advantage of the$400 million the 20%stake represents.

Saying that the eyes of the Caribbean were on The Bahamas, Wrinkle said that the landmark deal set a precedent for participation of at least 20%on future large scale projects, and noted that the Caribbean community in particular was”following our every move.”

The BCA president went on the record saying that no member of the BCA Council has promised jobs for any contractor, sub-contractor or tradesman.

“What we do pledge is that through the educational and professional programs the BCA provides, our member contractors will be in a better position to competitively bid and if successful, manage their contracts,”Wrinkle said.

The association will vigilantly look after the interests of Bahamian contractors, according to Wrinkle.

“We’ll be checking the books to make sure the$400 million is accounted for and utilized within the Bahamian construction industry,”he said.

Immediately ahead for the BCA is a project to get a registry of all participating contractors, sub-contractors and tradesmen in The Bahamas, to ascertain all the active parties in the industry and which of those are interested in participating in the Baha Mar project.

The register was identified as an integral early stage project by the IDB, which approved a$250,000 grant to assist in getting Bahamian participants ready for the project.

Wrinkle also said that the proposed Contractors Bill is important, as proper legislation needs to be in place to implement the policies and procedures necessary to make participation in the Baha Mar project a success.

“There is just no substitute for getting our house in order before we step up to the plate and swing the bat on that deal.”Wrinkle said.

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