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Boxing returns to the Nassau Stadium

We’ll be having fighters from Inagua as well as fighters from other Family islands. As interestingly enough, this network is broadening out very wonderfully from its initial stages because, Taureano Johnson, who just turned professional, I understand from Meacher, that he is going to provide a coupler of fighters. So we are going to have a network. I also over the weekend traveled into Grand Bahama and had a meeting with Terry, president of The Grand Bahama Amateur Boxing Association as well as the youth club. He’s going to be present on the 10th as well but he won’t be bringing a team. He’s going to come so he can network with Meacher and myself and have a feel for what we’re trying to do

and eventually the stadium will be the base for having events for the Northern Bahamas as well.

The other segment of the show is to have an exhibition with Meacher Major and Quincy Pratt. According to Sturrup, both fighters have been talking, wanting to get at each other for a while now. The other exhibition on the night will place John Wesley Saunders up against Denzil Miller. Both fights are scheduled for 4 rounds. The amateur fights will be 3 rounds.

This is a monthly program that will be done on a yearly basis December will be first.

Sturrup is not worried about the number of amateur boxers in the country and if there are enough to fight every month on a yearly basis. He explained that boxers on an amateur level meet up with each other like 4 or 5 times in their career.

The age is 14 and up but along the way shows would be put on for younger boxers. PACBO will be working closely with Major’s Amateur Boxing Club. In fact, Major was named Youth Director for the PACBO, the Bahamas branch.

The Nassau Stadium will be the mecca for boxing in the country as it was in the past years. Not only will shows will be hosted there but it will be used as a training facility as well. One of PACBO’S goals is to provide equipment such as boxing gloves and bags to aspiring boxers from various youth clubs in the region. Hosting tournaments to supplement the regional duties of federations is also an objective of the organization.

Sturrup said he could see the tournament evolving into a regional event but the most important thing is to have it established here first.

“We already had interaction with Jamaica, in 2008,”said Sturrup.”We took a team down to Jamaica Valentino Knowles AND Carl Heild fought there so that started the regional interaction. What we’re gonna do now, is consolidated an all Bahamas program and then have a major tournament like a Round Robin tournament. That will happen maybe next year or the subsequent next year but the idea is, at the end of the day to have The Round Robin tournament which will be sanction by Amateur Boxers Association and from that group that will be the persons who will travel”

Charlie Major

The Major family is very honored to know that the Pan American Caribbean Boxing association is honoring the patriarch of our family with the Charlie Major Classic scheduled for December 11th. It was always my dad’s dream when he decided to build this complex. It was multi purpose complex that would assist will the development of athletes and build character. I am very grateful that Fred and his team including Meacher Major has decided to be the catalyst to get local boxing going once again, and of course using the stadium as a launch pit.

It is also gratifying to know that these events will take place on a regular basis. I think it’s badly needed because when you look at some of the social problems in our community today, I think that this organization can attract young men and help supervise they’re environment.

Meacher Major

We are going to try and branch it out into something bigger and I think the Nassau Stadium is the perfect place to do it. It’s really exciting for me to be apart of this, and I hope that we can keep this great movement. With me being the director now, I feel it is my duty to help the youths, and focus on them and they’re development not only through the sport of boxing. I also want to mentor the youth and help to learn the sport, put them in a better position so they can better themselves. It’s an honor for a great man and a great sporting icon.

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