Wednesday, Jun 3, 2020

Film fever

Can you feel it yet? Is your heart racing? Is anticipation already eating at you now that the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) is about to kick off in less than a week?

If you don’t feel it yet then you don’t know what you are missing. The seventh annual BIFF is going to create a bigger buzz than usual because not only is a Bahamian a candidate in the coveted Filmmakers Retreat, but 13 Bahamian films will be featured in the festival this year.

The Bahamian films include “Redial Sunshine” by Travon Patton,”Breaking News” by Sidney Rolle and “Grandpa’s Quest” by Kevin Curtis, just to name a few.

One of the Bahamian filmmakers to be featured this year, Clarence Rolle, said that is one of the most exciting events for him, especially since this is only his second film.

“My film ‘Crazy Love’ will really be something you would want to see,” said Rolle. “It follows three different Bahamian couples who all have their own ideas about what love and romance is about. It deals with how people handle the stresses of relationships and how men and women have different perceptions and expectations in a relationship.”

“Crazy Love” is Rolle’s first feature length film. The director felt encouraged to produce the project after the success of his short film, “Fresh,” which was screened at the Dundas in 2009 and has aired on local television. He said that it was particularly important to him to make this film because he often noticed how relationships are so difficult for people because they have different ideas of how they should flow. Rolle hopes that the Bahamian and international audience can thoroughly enjoy his work and give him feedback that will make him even better as he delves further into this field.

For Rupert Missick Jr. this year’s film festival is extra special because it will feature his premiere work “The Kindly Ones,” a ten-minute short film. Missick says that it was a surprise to see that his film was accepted in the festival and he is really excited to see it on the BIFF screen.

“This is my first film and it was really an experiment for me,” said Missick. “I just wanted to see how good I was as a film maker and I guess I am not that bad. I still have a lot to learn but it was a good experience. It was also great that before BIFF accepted my film, two other festivals also took an interest and are featuring it. In October it was shown in the Soak City Flick Festival and it will also be featured in December after BIFF in the Anchorage International Film Festival as well. I am really happy about everything and I hope people enjoy it.”

Missick’s film was inspired by the play” The Eumenides” by Aeschylus, a Greek playwright. The film Bahamianizes the court scene described in one of the scenes and expands on it while adding some local elements. In the film three Bahamian women pass judgement on a man who they have concluded is guilty of matricide and deal with him accordingly. Missick said that while this film has been well received by many, he hopes to work on something even better in the near future when he has more experience and he can add more complexity and depth to his work.

“I think it’s great that there are so many Bahamian films in this year’s film festival. BIFF has provided lots of opportunities for Bahamian filmmakers and the industry itself. I am really happy that it has grown so much. If it was not for its existence I don’t think I would’ve tried to make this film. I love what Leslie and the festival are doing because it does a good job in highlighting The Bahamas.”


When: Wednesday, December 1- Sunday, December 5

Where: Galleria JFK

Cost:$8 per film

List of Bahamian Films in the festival

“At the End of the World” by Jan Bednarz

“Breaking News” by Sidney Rolle

“Crazy Love” by Clarence Rolle

“Grandpa’s Quest” by Kevin Curtis

“Gus Outdoors-Lizard Town” by Sean Nightingale

“Open Your Eyes” by Robin Schmidt

“Redial Sunshine” by Travon Patton

“Smoke Signals” by Michael A. Munnings&Roberto Otero

“Take it Easy” by Matthew Mouat

“The Kindly Ones” by Rupert Missick Jr.

“The Lionfish Invasion” by Matthew McCoy

“The Sperrit” by Jordan Darville

“Tribute” by Rebecca Valrejean

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