Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Murder trial continues at Supreme Court

The case against three men accused of killing a watchman near a church continues in the Supreme Court.

Prosecutors allege that Kenray Rigby, Michael Beckford and Cravon Lewis killed Michael Knowles before they entered the Born Again Deliverance United Christian Fellowship Church on East West Highway and robbed members in January 2006. The church members were there for a prayer meeting.

The men allegedly tied up the church’s Pastor Aaron Nixon with a microphone cord and robbed three other church members of cash and personal items.

The trial has continued in the absence of jurors for the past week, as lawyers made legal submissions to presiding Justice Vera Watkins.

Darnell Dorsette and Francis Cumberbatch are the prosecutors. Richard Boodle, Terrel Butler and Roger Gomez Jr. are the defense lawyers.

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