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NPVA to start third round


The New Providence Volleyball Association(NPVA)is about to begin its third and final round of the 2010/11 season.

It is the intention of the league’s executives to complete the regular season before the Christmas holidays and then continue with the playoffs and championships in January 2011, using the same format that was used during last season.

Unlike the past years, this year was probably the first time the league had more participating female teams than males. As opposed to eight men’s teams last year, there are only five men’s teams, whilst the women teams remained at six. On the men’s side, the NPVA lost the Champions Club and the COB Caribs. the Police Crimestoppers and DaBasement squads combined to form one team.

League’s President DeVince Smith believes that the reduced numbers are a direct reflection of the economic downturn. It was revealed by Smith that many sponsors are holding back and have cut their budgets, until the economy bounces back. Despite the reduced men’s teams, Smith feels that the competition and level of play have increased significantly.

He said: ”This year we have most of the former collegiate players, in both divisions, back home and they have either strengthen their respective club teams or joined forces with others. There are also players who saw it fitting to switch teams for whatever reason, making this season one of the most competitive seasons ever. This is one of the reasons why we can host three rounds instead of the usual two that we normally play.”

“Unlike the men’s division, the women’s division has two teams that stand out from the others, they are the Scottsdale Vixens and Johnson’s Lady Truckers. The other teams need to get up to par in an effort to make this division competitive as it once was.

“In the men’s division, any big team can win on a good night. In fact, we have seen the junior players, who have improved tremendously take a few big teams to five sets. The Scotiabank Defenders are currently leading the league, but they have to come out and play tough every night. There were many times when they were short-handed and had to manoeuver players to different positions.

“These moves included the team’s principal setter Tony Simon playing middle on numerous occasions. But thanks to agility and versatility of most of the players they are able to make that adjustment.”

The Vixens have a perfect win/loss record, standing at 11-0 on the season. The Truckers follow with a 9-2 record and the Lady Techs sits in third with five wins and losses apiece. The 7-1 win/loss record has the Defenders sitting atop of the men’s division. Technicians men’s team and the National Fence Intruders hold identical records, 6-2 while DaBasement is 2-7.

The latest statistics released has Truckers’Keniesha Thompson ahead of the Vixens Cheryse Rolle and teammate Davia Moss, for best spikers. Prince Wilson, Shedrick Forbes and Jamaal Ferguson are top three in the men’s division.

Other divisional leaders are as follows: 

Best players


Keniesha Thompson (Truckers) Prince Wilson (Intruders)

Cheryse Rolle (Vixens )Shedrick Forbes (Defenders)

Davia Moss (Truckers) Jamaal Ferguson (Defenders)


Krystel Rolle (Vixens) Byron Ferguson (Technicians)

Samantha Forbes (Champions) Enderich Rahming (Defenders)

Anastacia Sands-Moultrie (Truckers) Glen Rolle (Intruders)


Laval Sands (Vixens) Glen Rolle (Intruders)

Melinda Knowles( Champions) Prince Wilson (Intruders)

JeNae Saunders (Cougars) Muller Petit (Crimestoppers)


Rochelle Henfield (Lady Techs )Shedrick Forbe s(Defenders)

Krystal Delancy (C.O.B.) Jamaal ferguson (Defenders)

Tia Wilson (Vixens) Ron Demeritte (Technicians)


Tia Wilson (Vixens) Andreadie McPhee (Crimestoppers)

Tamika Saunders (Lady Techs) Tony Simon (Defenders)

Shirleen Jean (C.O.B.) Audril Farquharson (Technicians)


Latondra Brown (Vixens) Muller Petit (Crimestoppers)

Krystal Delancy (C.O.B.) Ron Demeritte (Technicians)

Brittany Bonamy (Cougars) Ronnie Lexidor (Crimestoppers)


Keniesha Thompson (Truckers) Prince Wilson (Intruders)

Davia Moss (Truckers) Muller Petit (Crimestoppers)

Tia Charlow (Truckers) Shedrick Forbes (Defenders)

N.P.V.A. Standings

Scottsdale Vixens 11-0 Scotia Defenders 7-1

Johnson Lady Truckers 9-2 Technicians 6-2

Lady Techs 5-5 National Fence Intruders 6-2

C O B Caribs 5-5 DaBasement Crimestoppers 2-7

Cougars 2-7 Saints 0-9

Champions 0-9

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