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Reign Ministry to hold third annual conference

One year after reminding believers to “stay on the wall”, Reign Ministry returns this year with another conference theme meant to encourage.

The third annual conference will be held at the British Colonial Hilton from November 26 28 under the theme,”No Separation.”

Conference leader, Pastor/Prophetess Norma Lightbourne, reminds attendees to”be strong in the Lord.

“I prayed about[the theme]like I always do with the other two conferences and I was talking to the Lord and the Lord spoke to me about No Separation,”said Lightbourne.

“I’m strong in Christ and because of this I must not allow anything to separate me and that’s why the theme was No Separation,”she said.

The weekend conference also features a few other speakers. Prophet Josias Duke will address the meeting on Opening Night, followed by Minister Gaynell Gould on Saturday morning. Pastor/Prophetess Monique Hanna will speak on Saturday afternoon and Pastor Lightbourne will close the conference on Sunday morning.

The conference ends on Sunday with the annual releasing of the doves.

“My reason for releasing the doves is…that the dove represents the Holy Spirit, and I release it into the open [for] the presence of God to rest, not in the Hilton alone, but throughout our nation,”said Lightbourne.

The prophetess believes that the “No Separation” message comes at a time of particular need for many.

“There were Christians whose jobs came to an end and there are people who’ve been struggling, and when they saw the downturn in the nation, some of them really wanted to give up,”she said.

Her prayer for those who are discouraged, said Lightbourne, “is not to ever lose hope; help is just around the corner. And if we should remain focused and remain excited about what is to come, it will cause us not to let our challenges weaken our faith.”

What: Reign Ministry’s 3rd Annual Conference

When: November 26-28

Where: Victoria Ballroom, British Colonial Hilton


For more information contact 393 3469 or 441-1885

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