Wednesday, Jul 15, 2020
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Alleged BTC robber dies in police custody

One of the three people captured and suspected of being involved with the armed robbery of the Bahamas Telecomunications Company (BTC) branch at Shirley Street yesterday has died in hospital after he allegedly complained of chest pains while in police custody.

Assistant Commissioner Hulan Hanna said the man whose identity was not released was outside of a cell at the Central Detective Unit (CDU) sitting in a chair when he complained of chest pains.

“Once the officers were alerted to that, after he sent out this distress signal, they summoned an ambulance,”he said. “He collapsed on the floor and was taken to the hospital. And a while later, we received information that he had expired.”

Hanna offered condolences to the family of the man.

Head of CDU Superintendent Leon Bethell said that during the robbery, one of the two assailants placed a pistol to the head of a security officer before handcuffing the man and taking him to the cashier’s cage.

The robber then pointed his gun at cashiers and demanded cash, Bethell added.

“These two were able to take an unknown amount from the office there and they fled outside to Shirley Street where they reportedly got into a grey vehicle, which was waiting somewhere in that area,” said Bethell.

Police captured one of the men allegedly involved with the robbery on Sutton Street, off Kemp Road.

Bethell said police then travelled to Blair Estates, acting on a tip, where they arrested a man and a woman suspected of being involved with the robbery. A firearm was also recovered, Bethell said.

The Nassau Guardian understands that the man arrested in Blair Estates was the suspect who died.

“I just want to say that members of the public again assisted us,” he said. “As I said before, they are fed up with all of these blatant acts of violence and they are assisting the police greatly.”

Police have increased manpower on the streets in recent weeks due to the increased commercial activity that occurs during the Christmas season.

“We are here on the streets to make sure that if any matter happens, we can address it quickly and we want to confront these robbers as they rob these places, that is why you see all of these units are out and we are going to carry on like this until the Yuletide season ends and into the new year,” Bethell said.

Marlon Johnson, BTC vice president, said the incident shook up staff, prompting the closure of the location until Monday.

“We are taking the appropriate steps to give the staff access to counseling,” hhe said.

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