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Cop killer sentenced to death


Mario Flowers was sentenced to death yesterday for the murder of Ramos Williams, a policeman who was killed in the line of duty almost three years ago.

Police led an angry Flowers from the court shortly after Senior Supreme Court Justice Anita Allen sentenced him.

Flowers called Allen a”wicked demon”and insisted that Williams was killed by his colleagues via friendly fire.

Flowers continued his outburst as police escorted him from the court.

His lawyer, Ramona Farquharson, urged him to calm down. He replied,”This is my life we dealing with.”

By contrast, Flowers’ co-accused Sylvester Aritis was stoic when Allen sentenced him to 20 years in prison for the attempted murder of Williams ‘partner, Constable Antoine Curry.

The officers were on patrol in a marked police car at Collins Avenue, near Doctors Hospital, when they saw the men in a Nissan Sentra around 2 a.m. on December 29, 2007.

The police signaled the vehicle to stop, according to the evidence at the trial. The car stopped near The Tribune and two men ran from the car towards Dowdeswell Street.

Officer Curry said he recognized Flowers because they are cousins. He also said Aritis shot at him and missed.

Allen noted that both men used illegal firearms in an attempt to evade arrest.

In the case of Flowers, Allen said, as she delivered her sentence, that he gunned down an unarmed officer”as he sought to protect the public from those he suspected were a threat to society.”

Allen said death was the only appropriate sentence for Flowers as a result of his actions.

As for Aritis, Allen noted that he fired at Curry, which could have resulted in tragedy if Curry was hit.

She said the use of firearms is too prevalent in society and the court needed to send a message that this type of violence would not be tolerated.

Neil Brathwaite was the prosecutor. Raymond Rolle represented Aritis.

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