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‘Heiress to a Curse’ an engaging read

‘Heiress to a Curse’is a fantasy romance novel written by Bahamian newcomer Zandria Munson. Published by famed Publishing house’Harlequin’, this is the first novel in the’Hearts of Stone’ series just introduced.

Alexandra Barret is a features writer living alone in her New York apartment. A descendant to an ancient witch Necesar, Alexandra has visions and strange dreams that usually serve as both a blessing and a curse. One day she gets a new neighbor across the hall named Marius Drakon. She is quite taken by his looks and charm but tries hard to ignore it.

Marius, who is over five centuries old, is cursed to roam the earth as a creature for eternity. He was cursed by the witch Necesar for betraying her cousin and she doomed him and his entire bloodline. The only way to end the 500-year curse is to kill Necesar’s descendants. All are dead, including her parents who died in a car accident. Now the only one left….is Alexandra.

The spring equinox has arrived which allows Marius to regain human form at daylight while still cursed to become a nocturnal beast every sunset. This yearly ritual lasted for 28 days each year. He uses this window of opportunity to gain her trust and infiltrate her life. He must be invited into her apartment, retrieve a lock of hair and spill her blood all within a timeline before the equinox ends. Marius manages to complete the first two tasks almost immediately. His quest, however, meets complication when he falls in love with her, as she has fallen for him.

The strongest element of this novel was the well-crafted characterization. The author was highly successful in creating personalities that manage to engage readers in their lives while maintaining a sense of the everyday realism. My first thought was how the women that read this book would immediately sympathize with Alexandra as they compared her everyday life with their own….minus the dreams and visions of course. Then there is the ever present fantasy element that fed my desire to read more. My heart skipped a beat along with Alexandra’s every time she had an encounter with Marius in gargoyle form. Though alive in her was a witch, she was every bit a woman and shared the same insatiable needs and desires that they all do. This was well exploited by Marius. He had a mission and no one could get in his way, except his own desire for Alexandra of course.

Every great romance story cries for both a hero and the classic damsel in distress. As cliché as it sounds, this book succeeded in bringing my expectations to life. My emotions were taken hostage by this piece of literature.

Though written by a novice, Heiress to a Curse has the unmistakable mark of a seasoned scribe.

I would recommend this book for readers 18 and over due to certain romantic elements. Overall, this was a heart-engaging read and only served to accelerate my interest with every passing page.

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