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KJ/martial arts self defense classes

Self Defense Expert D’Arcy Rahming, Chief Instructor of All Star Family Center,

recently conducted a violent crime survey amongst Bahamian youth ages 18-22.

The survey was a class project for students of All Star to capture what type of

violent crime attack persons are really afraid of and to design a self defense course

around it to alleviate some of the fears.

Over 150 persons participated in the survey, which was non scientific, but never

the less yielded some interesting results. Survey participants were asked the

question”What type of violent crime attack do you fear?”

Not surprisingly topping the list was being shot. Second on the list was being

stabbed and third was rape. In fact about 12%of men stated being raped as

their top concern. Being attacked by more than one attacker was also a concern.

“I designed an online self defense course around these factors so that anybody

regardless of their physical condition could benefit from the course. The Free Video

Seminar is titled”Stop Living in Fear: Seven Stay Safe Secrets that Muggers,

Rapists and Violent Criminals Do Not Want You To Know.”Says Rahming, who

is a 9th degree Black Belt and internationally renowned seminar speaker.

The Free Seminar is available online at

Persons wishing to contact D’Arcy Rahming directly can reach him at

All-Star family Headquarters on Joe Farrington Road 364-6773, where he

teaches various martial arts and self defense courses locally.

Complete Survey Results

Question: What Violent Crime Attack Do You Fear The Most.

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