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Mother and boyfriend sentenced in killing of her child


A mother who allowed her boyfriend to beat her young child to death will spend 15 years in prison, a judge ruled yesterday.

A jury found Makisha Brown, 25, and Leroy Rolle, 20, were both equally responsible for the death of her son, Levano Brown, 19 months, although there was no evidence that Brown ever hit the child.

Rolle, who was just 17 when the baby died, received a 25-year sentence.

Brown and Rolle were living together in a rented room on East Street South when the child died in March 2007.

The little boy received multiple injuries to his head, torso and limbs.

Police witnesses alleged that Rolle admitted to beating the child with a belt and tennis shoe. Brown said she was aware of the abuse, however, she still left her child alone with Rolle.

Senior Justice Anita Allen said,”This was a horrific crime. Injuries were inflicted on a helpless child who was unable to protect himself, who was unable to complain about the abuse.”

She said little Levano was slaughtered in the presence of and with the acquiescence of his mother. Justice Allen said Rolle expressed no remorse, but to his credit he took the child to a doctor, although it was too late.

Justice Allen noted that Brown gave birth to another child in June. She said it was a sad case”as another child will suffer as a result of this tragedy.”Despite this observation, Justice Allen said Brown had to serve time for the death of her son.

Justice Allen said,”She[Brown]must be punished for the role she played in her son’s horrific death.”

Justice Allen said it appeared that Brown’s newborn would be properly cared for by the child’s father and maternal grandmother.

Eucal Bonaby was the prosecutor. Dorsey McPhee represented Rolle and Darren Bain appeared for Brown.

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