Thursday, May 28, 2020



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The Chinese Officials at the National Stadium Complex kindly provided me with the concept version of the finished product(this page). In full color, the facility is amazing and certainly one of the sports wonders of the region.

It is indeed an awesome contribution to this country by the People’s Republic of China. Observers of the building in process are appreciative of the work being done by the Chinese technical experts and labor force.

Although the completion date is more than six months away, onlookers of the structure can easily verify the likeness to the pictured concept. The stadium itself is a grand gesture, but another big plus factor is the arrangement for Chinese workers to produce the facility.

The character of the Chinese workers, the efficiency level at which they function, the time and money-saving factors, should all be emulated by those within the Bahamian labor groups.

At this point, the Chinese workers are on a pace to finish inside the stipulated time of June 30 with most of the seating, roofing, work rooms and official sections near completion.

Contractors will vouch for the kind of attention which ought to be paid to”finish work”, and at this stage, a lot of that is going on. It’s a joy to watch the Chinese workers.?

The coordination among them seems almost effortless. The process is meticulous and smooth.

The Chinese way is to be very careful and precise. Their concern with details is evident always. In the country today, because of ventures like the National Stadium and the Baha Mar project, the role of Chinese workers comes up constantly in conversations around the land, no doubt.

Well, if the stadium is any indication at all, the work to be done by the incoming 8,000-plus Chinese workers at the proposed West Bay hospitality complex will certainly not cause any grief.

The 15,000 seats facility is a remarkable dimension for this country.

Indeed, a noteworthy standard has been set by the work on the stadium.

The structure at present and the concept version of the National Stadium is collective proof.

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