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Hall: Not enough being done to protect the poor


“Continued failure” on the government’s part to sufficiently protect the poor is creating a recipe for disaster, according to Bishop Simeon Hall, who warned yesterday that it will lead to further social decay in a society already ripe with social ills.

Hall, who is the former chairman of the National Crime Council, said not enough is being done to help the most disadvantaged in the society.

“If the government does not do more to protect them, the poor will continue to mistrust our national institutions and the manifestations of this mistrust will continue to be seen throughout our land,”he said in a statement.

“I call directly on the Honorable Loretta Butler-Tuner, the Minister of Social Development and the Honorable John Delaney, Attorney General of The Bahamas to use their ministries to do much more to reach and protect the poor.”

Hall said exploitation of the poor should find no protection under the law.

“Someone-anyone please step forward and lead a national cause to help and protect the poor of our land.”

Without calling any names the bishop and senior pastor of New Covenant Baptist Church said in too many instances the rich and famous”exploit the ignorance and desperation of those at the bottom of the social economic ladder.”

He added that in too many cases the poor find themselves unable to recover money paid to lawyers, and having to deal with shoddy and deficient work done on houses.

“[And] nowadays you don’t own the land you were living on for the past 15 years. All these criminal anomalies fuel social discontent,” he said.

“Hard working Bahamians should feel safe whenever they buy land, build a house, try to start a small business and make small investments…” the statement continued.

He said scores of Bahamians are angry and marginalized because they have been”exploited and ripped off or milked by greedy land developers, unscrupulous lawyers and devilish building contractors.”

Hall added that it is incumbent on the government to act on behalf of the poor.

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