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Telecoms provider ready to grow in Bahamas

JazzTell is hoping to set a new bar in the telecomunications sector, its President Leslie Pindling told Guardian Business recently.

The company is solely focused on providing wireless communications through a small device that can be placed outdoors that transmits Internet signal.

JazzTell is hoping to offer Voice-Over IP (VOIP) service by January 2011, which will make it the first Bahamian company to provide Quadruple play services Internet, data, closed circuit television (CCTV) and VOIP.

It is also hoping to expand into the Lynden Pindling International Airport and provide its technology for the new and existing terminals, and is also seeking to offering hand held wireless credit card machines to be used by various businesses.

Pindling said the advantage of using such technology is it saves on infrastructure costs and it becomes convenient for Bahamians who use”smart devices.”

“I’m hoping that JazzTell will be the standard of communications throughout the entire bulk and breadth of The Bahamas…,” Pindling said.”There are certain things we can and can’t do…but I do think that it will be, I am hoping that it can be.”

The company held its official launch event last Friday at the British Colonial Hilton, where Pindling showcased the company’s services, which already has invested$1.5 million so far.

“I do think we can perform what we can perform wirelessly and be environmentally conscious without digging any trenches or(investing in)any road infrastructure,”he said.”Also, a lot of people who have a[smart device]now don’t have any connection[through]Cable Bahamas or BTC, so now they can come to us and pay the subscription and your[smart device]can scan the network, pull up the JazzTell network and then be able to go on the network.”

Pindling added that this is an opportune time to grow his business and he is optimistic that his company will have a large footprint in the telecoms industry.

“It’s something that we need,”he said.”There is competition that we do have, that has not come to the forefront yet, but with the limited amount of funds we have we’ve been able to produce and reproduce a structure that I think works fabulously for New Providence, that can now be exported to the Family Islands.”

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