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BEC: Recent power outages caused by fuel supply disruptions

New Providence suffered several intermittent power outages this past weekend related to a disruption in fuel supplies, according to a Bahamas Electricity Corporation(BEC)press release.

The corporation said the largest outage occurred just after midnight early Sunday morning and was the result of a temporary disruption in fuel supplies at its power stations located on Blue Hill and Tucker Road, and Clifton Pier.

“The disruption occurred during a routine changeover of fuel tanks,”said the BEC release.

“The weekend outages affected a number of areas on New Providence and on Paradise Island.”

The release added that Saturday and Sunday’s disruption in power supplies were restored almost immediately.

“Thanks to the swift reaction of BEC personnel, the majority of affected communities had their power restored in less than thirty minutes,”the release continued.

“BEC would like to ensure its customers that the outages experienced over the weekend were unforeseeable and have since been rectified.

“The corporation is addressing each matter to ensure that future disruptions are prevented.”

BEC contends the majority of the outages occurred randomly and were caused by the decreased generating capacity at both power plants. The problems were recognized and quickly corrected.

“BEC has completed its initial investigation into a series of brief power outages,”said the release.

In continued,”BEC apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the disruptions as we continue to strive towards providing a seamless supply of electricity to our customers.”

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