Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Focus on what’s right

Let me commence today by asking you a simple question. Now, here goes with the question. Do you know some people who from morning to night seem to be continually complaining, focusing on all that is wrong in the world, and in their immediate environment?I’m quite sure that the answer to that question is indeed in the affirmative, as unfortunately far too many people, from my personal observations, appear to be habitual complainers, focusing on all that is wrong in the world.

Now, here’s a second question, which I want you My Friend, to answer with complete candor. Are you a habitual complainer, always dwelling on what is wrong instead of being positive in outlook by focusing on the good all around you?Well My Friend, what’s your honest answer to that oh so important question?I sincerely trust that you are not always focusing on what is wrong, for if in fact you are doing this each and every day, well that’s what you will inevitably ATTRACT into your life and affairs, that is more of the same.

Yes indeed, we all need to take the command contained in today’s title very seriously and thus’Focus on what’s right’each and every day of our life. You see, life in general is a matter of perspective, it’s all about our overall outlook, either positive or negative. Dr. Denis Waitley in his bestselling book’The Psychology of Winning’stated that”We are always moving toward our Current Dominant Thought”. So, if we constantly focus on what’s wrong in our world, we’ll simply get more and more of what we don’t want!

I was watching Joel Osteen on television a few weeks ago, and I heard him use the phrase which is in fact the title of this program’Focus on what’s right’. In that same televised talk, Joel also said the following”If you COMPLAIN, you’ll REMAIN—-if you PRAISE, you’ll RAISE”. Yes My Friend, let’s all vow to get into an upbeat, positive frame of mind as we commence each and every day of our life. Let’s’Focus on what’s right’in the world and in our life. Yes indeed, when you stop to think about it, there’s a whole lot to really be thankful for, so we need to really appreciate the world we’re in, and all of the wonderful people whom God has placed in our life, who are there to support us in all that we do.

Yes indeed, you My Friend, yes I’m addressing my remarks directly to you, are in fact really blessed. So, why not give thanks to God daily, whilst at the same time you make a very definite resolution RIGHT NOW, to cut out all of the completely unnecessary complaining. I guarantee, that you’ll be glad you did, and so will everyone else!



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