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Office party Do’s and Don’ts

The Christmas and New Years holidays are “just around the corner” and with the festive season comes loads of holiday parties.

Navigating the varying party dress codes can be a little tricky, but perhaps the most daunting party look to pull together is the one for your office party.

You don’t want to be the topic of discussion around the water cooler the day after your office soiree, so tread carefully when choosing your office party look.

Cardinal rule number one–do not dress seductively. Sure the drinks may be flowing and your usually uptight supervisor may be more laid back than normal, but your office party is still a professional environment, not a night out on the town. Steer clear of low cut necklines and super short hemlines.

Do dress for the position you want. There is lots of truth to the statement dress for the position you want, not the position you have. Your office party is a great opportunity to strike up a conversation with company executives you may not usually have access to, but you must dress the part.

Many companies are scaling back due to the economic environment, so your office party may be held on premises this year. If so, dress as you normally do, but jazz up your accessories. You don’t need to depart from your typical office attire, just make it slightly more special. If you live in suits at the office, perhaps opt for a skirt suit, sans the blazer, paired with a beautiful silk blouse and sparkly accessories.

Cardinal rule number two, let your accessories do the sparkling, not your apparel. Sequins are a great trend, but unless your work in the fashion industry, wearing sequins to the office party will scream you’re trying too hard.

If your office party is outside the office, you can depart from your typical work attire a little more. Always keep the corporate culture of your company as well as the type of party in mind when choosing an outfit. If you’re on the fence about what to wear, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. Choose a knee length version with a neckline that exposes very little to no cleavage. Pair it with a statement necklace that you normally wouldn’t wear to the office to add interest and personality to the outfit.

Dress to feel confident and comfortable working the room. Save your sexy party attire for events that are not attended primarily by your coworkers and supervisors. Ultimately, you don’t want to be remembered as the person who let it all hang out at the office party.

Got fashion questions? Hit up Primadona fashion guru Tyrina Neely at [email protected]

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