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cut down on hackers do we have the authority to stop someone to stop someone

you always have to have the evidence to prove so . if passengers are compicit with them. like any other law it can anly be enforeced with public corporation.

to the extnet when public is not will ing to pay and if so report.

unlessyou have public support there will be no enforcement.

there are some realities-the state has no authority to be arbitrary.

the flying public does not have to be vulnerable to they not have to fly on a charter….

some gov agencies has been doing so and we directed them no to do so.


i told the gov at that time , they ought not just pick up something on the desk of the pm

never realistic proposition that we were going to collect any such thing rom this air traffic surveillance. the reality is its not going to happen.

its impractical. the reality is that you are within in an airsapce that covered by the us faa. its in their best interest to know what is coming near their shores.

there are certain complimentarty things between our selves with our selves and the US. that is what we are persuing in relation to airspace

there may be some opporutiny for us to relaize some income… but we

9 m drafting a leter to send to me…

the isssue as i read it in the newspaeper . i number of peron have aircraft and customs were reaquired and thy did not make it.

what does the pm say to person who have brought stuff in that requires duties to be paid. what else can he say. when i buy a boat i have to pay duty. what is it about an aircraft that says you don’t not have to pay duty.

may not have been enforced fora long period of time.

if you did nt pay then you ought to make arragnements to pay

have not such right to ignore the laws of the bahamas


I can’t say that I’m tired of being asked the same question

the privatization committee impovwere to negotiate with cable and wirless .twhen they arrive at agreement i will make a public annoncement on that same day. they are very near to getting a memorandum of understanding might be another day or another week or few weeks.



i reduced my own pay to 2,000 per month. whether someone believes it or not, i can ill afford to do that .

i wanted to also ensure that burrownings for the government were done for productive purpose or to keep pubic services up to par.

money to private school were one of those things had to be cut. it was essential and they etxtent to which it may be restored in the benear term…

i regret to the extent to which the emay be pain to institutions r parents but the laternative would have been far worse.


we think we are a little bit over the worst at the moment. but things could change quite rapidly. barbados just last week had to make some very diff cult decisions

we ourselves are not exempt from that kind of thing.

we managed faily well.

hope things will be better next year. give you my word…

i want to assure that i have reasonably good reason t obelieve that things will be better next year. they wnt be as good as they need to be but they will certianly be better

crime 7:10

there are no facts t osupport that there was a riot.

the pollice are doing a good jun. i commend them . i am peae. i expect that they will have eve nrespoter succes. expte them to be more focus on person who are persumed to

drugs big problem influeing many crime. muyrder . many are hit killing. turf wars between varios people . our system is not quite fucntional to some extent. apprehending , prosecuting . we have huge backlogs of caes .notwih the huge resourced pumped in the system . wheni got electd in 1977 ther ewere only 14 or 15 in the country. now its 89. in 2001 ther ewere only 40 murder s. its double the number now nine years later. much of this is to do with drugs. much of it has to do with the same persons involved in the same crimes over and over agin. seeking tohave great er cooperation

today there is a degree o dysfuncitionality ie iwth the legal system when it comesto tackling crime.


no t totally satisfied with the investigative work that is done before the work going to court that to is being worked on by her department.


any social programs

most of them are employed throught the drug trade. i wish i knew . i’d be happy to immplement fidn the mean by which who to deal wit hboys who went to school , who are aprents , who go to church who they themselves become criminals. i’d like to find out who we can identify them how we can deal with them.

what do i do about the family-what an i do that the society ca’t do , that the law can’t do, that the poice can’t do , what I can do a s the prime minister of the bahamas

Zhivargo liang has a brother who was a bad bad fella

i myself born out of welock, poor lock what i am today. poverty doesn’t do it. the son ofa politician could be a bum or the son or a bum could be something else.

why some peol e chose a live of crime and others don’t.

jobsare im, housing, sports, youth clubs, national sercice improratnt .butat the end of the day there wil still be some criminals.

I’ve been areound a long time. i take ownerhip for what i say. we are dong the best we can. we are making some progres we will make more.

bail act 7:10

the governemnt believes it can further restrit the right to bail. at the moment it appears that some judges are of the view that a reasonable period of time is 8 weeks to a year. we believe that it is a 2 to 3 three

we are taking advice. minimize the opportunity of successful challnge. taking advice fro mnot oly people here.


I am not making the round s of the talk show. love 97 determined that it was going to broadcast live from fnm headquarters and wanted member of fnm … as leader i felt compleled to make an appearance. secondly exuma carried a story where a rev told an outright report about me … made a show out of my telephone call to him. you called me …. whichever show i go on there will be another person onf another party on the show.

campaigning not began. not yet. something next year I will..

possble that i may be staying too long. chose to go after two terms .

i vhose to go after two terms and did go . pople sent for me . they elected me. I agreed to serve. people want to continue. I have agreed to offer myself. if they chose to elect me ia will serve if they don’t i will thank them. show my gratitude and enduring love for them . they gave be opportunitties i couldn’dream of having. i am here because they want me to be here . quite frandky if i hada chosice to make i would probably not be here e. i would hav e probably chose to stay away atthe endof my second term.

the comparison not fair no accurate.

my party has only got to hint to me that they want somebody else to lead them. they don’t have to speak to me loudly . jut a hint, i will pick my gerogie bundle up and go to croton avenue where i live and take my boat and go fishing from time to time and spend some time in my housei nabaco. i will fight no one for this job.

branville mccartney-one swallow does not makea summer make.

if ther this any significant element in the party that prefers for someone else to lead them-iwill regard it as my duty reliee them from any obligation to have to ask me. i will volunteer to depart in peaece.

15-one of theings that i sought to do. have a cabinet larger than it need be . i made it larger to exose ore younger people to government . continue to attract young people. so that the public e can have chosices on who they want tomake leader of the free naiotnal movement and hopefully prime minister of the bahamas.

and like others like sir lynden pindling, i don’t feel threatened by anyone . i don’t have any difficulty with those who have different poiints of view. If they think i should go that’s fine, they get no retribution from me no codemnation for it. in fact told bran mccartney that i hope he’s areound when its time for me to go. and to be able to catch the ball and i mean that for him or anybody else.

i will not fight for the leadership contestfor a leadership bid-no campaigning whatsoever. if the party wants me i will serve if it doesn’t want me i will happily dpart in peace.

bi-partisan approach

i don’t have a difficulty. leader of opp and i agreed

it was understood that at the end of the day this is what we were going to support

baha Mar

not sure tot he extend to which mr christie has the freedom . we both agreed that we were not going to have national conentions this year.

there are things from time of time that there are things we can agree on.


gambling referendum

If Im leader to carry it out… epect new leader to carry it out or announce if ther eis a change.

hold a ref… put our position clearly tot he public at that time…


some of the vendores 2/3 made a request

to thank me to suppot of the government of the bahams

they said it’d would be a private meetings

the minister of public works sought to put forward a position that the straw market should be a place for bahamian straw work and craft. being the process f coming into compliance.

government first place to stop it. vendors pay a reasonable some so the public would’nt have to pay to keep place up.

that is all that was sought to happen . that is a very reasonable proposition. if this is war, I’m a general.

put forward a number of amendments to the elections act

bahamas has one of the cleanest registers

some people have blown out out of proprotion the comments of justice.

nobody is stupid enought to require people to register ever five years.

dont know wjhats going to come out of it.

jimmie h2 track 84 PM on gb-btc-bec

Move to collect cust
Every day is a gift