Monday, Dec 16, 2019



witht h Genesis class alone.. in a year’s period .. on teir spend you would geenrate$20 head tax 4.5…

10 mill avg.. so basically.. that money would prob made up already…by mid of next year we wuold have made by min on$23 on that ship alone.. by the both of them together…42 million to expand harbour.

the epic would have contriubted by next summer$10 million…adn the Disney ship coming in January second.. the Disney Dream…

Freedom si.. would have been …theyr are ni cpacity 4370..about 5thousands …tohs eship are also now coming in here.

there are few pots that can really take geenis sor oasis///plus fo rus bc businesother wise tura away. Free pot ..we’re looking fwd to opp that exit in B .. opp great once expansion with gre t opp take splace.. various cruis elines have expressed interest…feeel fof….the indications for us are that is up..there is ..$72 comes off port spend..conservative estimate…we alwyas try to use conservative esiamtes.

GB cruise arrivals way up..injectuon of addl carnival..clebration.. analdo discovery hve been doing extrmely well tere..they expect they will be under 1 million(cruise pass this yera)…concservcatively we can say it way up there..

NCL regular there with Norwegan S kya nd other ship that go ther eas well..between Carnival, Nor..things looking up fr GB.. with new port faciality or expandion of exsint one we expect great increases.

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