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Bahamasair encouraged by holiday travel

The usual hike in airline travel during this time of year has led to increased December bookings for Bahamasair.Managing Director of the airline Henry Woods toldGuardian Businessyesterday that there has been no slowdown in the amount of Bahamians traveling to the U.S. to do their holiday shopping, and he is encouraged by the number of passengers already planning their end of year trips.

“The loads for passengers and baggage have already been very high, Woods said.”The majority of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale flights are already at full capacity and we anticipate high loads up to Christmas time. Normally we expect high loads after Thanksgiving.”

Woods also mentioned that the airline has placed greater emphasis on baggage management during this period, and is putting its best foot forward to minimize the amount of incidents where passengers don’t receive their luggage on time.

He said Bahamasair’s policy to get any delayed baggage to customers traveling on the last flight before 12 noon the next day is in full effect.”We have really improved our baggage delivery service and overall our customer service has been revamped and our on-time performance has been good,”Woods said.”Our staff at the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale stations are managing the baggage very well.

“The changes[to baggage management]over the last three years have really put us in a good position as far as the overall improvement in the service.”Customs Comptroller Glenn Gomez toldGuardian Businessthat the increased traffic from Bahamasair and other airlines will translate into a boost in customs revenue.”We’ve had heavy traffic now for just about all week and this will probably run through the weekend,”Gomez said yesterday.”People will be going away in the early part of December and do their initial shopping in Florida.”Since the holiday season is a peak period for travelers, Woods said the demand during this time enables the airline to stick to its standard rates.”During peak seasons like this we don’t provide much discounts,”he said.”During slow seasons we provide incentive packages but at the moment we don’t have any specials on.”

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