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Christie: FNM attempting to steal PLP’s thunder on LPIA

Progressive Liberal Party(PLP)leader Perry Christie insisted yesterday that the government is attempting to steal his party’s thunder in regards to the Lynden Pindling International Airport(LPIA)expansion project.

According to Christie his party, which negotiated the original terms of the expansion, is not being given due credit by the Free National Movement(FNM)for the LPIA development.

He argued, following a tour of the new U.S. departure terminal at LPIA with some of his party members, that most of the major projects now underway in The Bahamas were negotiated under his former government.

“It is just a pity that politics in The Bahamas is so primitive to the point where unusual efforts are invariably made to separate those who conceived of the idea(airport expansion), who put it into motion, as if there is some game,”said Christie.

“When you look at anything that is happening in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas today, you not only see our footprint, you see our hands and those hands holding a vision that embraces this country’s development and a vision.”

He added that he hoped the people of The Bahamas could see that the FNM government is simply finishing off what his administration began when they were in power.

He added that he hoped the country would give his party a chance to do it again.

“We hope in the future we will have the opportunity again to enable the people of The Bahamas to benefit from the type of vision that we will bring to the further development of our country,”said Christie.

Airport officials announced yesterday that they have received the new funding to continue the further expansion and renovation of the airport. The first phase is scheduled for a March 2, 2011 opening.

The opposition party was given a tour of the new airport facilities only a week after the government received theirs.

Christie said the$198 million U.S. departure terminal is exactly what his party envisioned.

Former Minister of Aviation Glenys Hanna-Martin, who played a pivotal role in securing Vancouver Airport Services to manage LPIA and eventually head its expansion, said the airport will be an important hub for The Bahamas. She also sought to redress any misconception that the PLP did not have a hand in LPIA’s redevelopment.

“This was the vision of a Perry Christie leadership,”she said.”He was very, very strong on this and here you see manifested his vision that was made real.”

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