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Every day is a gift

I honestly believe the wise sentiments as expressed in today’s title, for each and every day is indeed a very special gift given to us by our Spiritual Father, God in which to really excel and touch the lives of others in a positive, uplifting manner. First thing in the morning upon awakening, commence by thanking God for a good night’s rest, and for the’Gift’of yet another wonderful day, filled with obvious opportunities to serve Him, by serving His children, your brothers and sisters in His ONE Universal Family. Always be grateful, in a thankful mood, firstly for the very’Gift of Life’, and for the opportunity the day has it afforded you to assist others to have a wonderful day too.

An excellent exercise to go through at the beginning of each day, is simply to list all of your blessings, of which you have many. Having listed all of your’Blessings’, meditate for a while on God’s goodness. Then, when you start to interact with others, family, friends, co-workers, start to praise them, to thank them for being an important part of your life. As I told the people at a church which I spoke at a couple of Sundays ago, being grateful, giving thanks is a very important part of the prayer process.

That’s right, giving thanks for our life, is the way in which to effectively pray first thing in the morning upon awakening. When we do this religiously, we will develop an’Attitude of Gratitude’which will, believe me, ensure that we have a simply great day!

Yes My Friend,’Every day is a Gift’, so treat it well, just like you’d treat any other’Priceless Gift’which someone gave you. In other words, don’t waste time today engaging in worthless pursuits, like gossiping in a most negative, destructive way about others, or by continually complaining about really trivial matters, which in reality are of

absolutely no consequence whatsoever. Instead, commence the day with an’Attitude of Gratitude’; be thankful to actually be alive in God’s wonderful world, and believe me, you’ll have a most productive, enjoyable, and indeed very successful day.

In the long run, I guess it’s all about your’Attitude’at the beginning of each day, which never forget, you and nobody else controls. So today should be a completely’New Day’in each and everyone’s life, as they focus on the positive, on what’s right, and the wonderful gift which God has given us, of another day in which to excel, through serving others.



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