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Letting go and letting God

At the age of five, she often sang solos in her church. Later, she lent her voice to the Bahamas National Youth Choir where she was often made lead vocalist and it was during those years that she started to realize just how special her gift was. It also took too many years for her to follow her dream. But as the saying goes, better late than never. And Latasha Taylor may be just a little late, but she’s doing it.

The 26-year-old with the beautiful voice has released her first gospel single”No Flesh,”as she pursues a career in the gospel music industry–something that had been a dream of hers from childhood, but which she’d never pursued until this year. Now, Taylor is breaking loose.

She put her doubts aside, committed herself to pursuing lending her voice to glorifying the King as a career, and yesterday, the alto singer released”No Flesh”–a fusion of jazz and gospel that makes for an interesting listen.

The lyrics for Taylor’s single was inspired by Mount Tabor Full Gospel Baptist Church senior pastor Bishop Neil Ellis'”Glory Messages,”a series of sermons about revering God and not flesh. Sermons which she said touched her so much that she felt that she just had to put it to music and share Bishop Ellis’message with others. And while the instrumental aspect of the single is outstanding, she hopes people pay more attention to the message given through the lyrics.

“I want people to hear the message embedded in the lyrics of my song. I want people to understand that no flesh shall glory in God’s presence, especially in this season where He is requiring us to acknowledge Him and do His works. I want people to enjoy the song but also to listen to it and make its message applicable to their lives.”

This single is a prelude to Taylor’s upcoming album”No Flesh, Just Glory,”which she hopes will be released in August 2011.

Taylor is the perfect example of a person whose life is beginning to feel mundane, but who gets a sudden urge and desire to do something different, even though they’re unaware of how to go about turning the dreams they may have into reality, and of letting go and letting God.

“For years I thought I would try to do what was required of me, but every time I tried to walk another road it never really worked because my true desire is to sing. I finally made the decision earlier this year in March to pursue my dream. I was feeling very pressured to do more with myself for a while and I sought God’s guidance as to what I should be doing.”

The former Mount Tabor office worker put her dream of pursing a career in gospel music and her passion for singing in God’s hands, let Him worry about things, allowed Him to guide her, and the result is her first single with an album due in the near future.”It took a while for me to get serious about my singing growing up but when it happened I knew I had to do something with it,”says Taylor. She also realized that whatever it was would not be found in New Providence and that she had to leave. She now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Even though she moved from home, she says accomplishing her first single did not come without trials and tribulations, but she’s happy with the result.

“There were misunderstandings along the way and I had to start my whole project over after six months of trying to accomplish it in one way. After working with one studio didn’t work I had to find another one willing to take my project on and find money to make it happen. It was not easy but I knew it was something worthwhile and I am really happy with the result and excited to see what comes of it.”

Now that she is fully embracing her gift, the lady who uses her God-given talent to glorify the King says she is excited about how everything is coming together. In the next few years she hopes to establish herself as an international gospel artist so that she can continue to share the glory of God’s Word through song. She advises other young people to follow their dreams and always believe that all things are possible through Christ.

“No Flesh”is available in all bookstores and can be heard over the airwaves. To hear it and purchase it online visit itunes or amazon.com.

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