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Four cases discharged after witness no-shows

A magistrate discharged four cases against two men police accused of a crime spree during their first appearance in court since their arraignments.

Brent McPhee and Ramon Davis, both of South Beach, were arraigned on 14 counts of armed robbery, seven counts of robbery, two counts of robbery by violence, three counts of receiving, one count of stealing, one count of stealing from a home and one count of housebreaking in April.

Four of those cases were scheduled to begin before Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis yesterday. However, none of them began because of absent witnesses.

Police alleged that McPhee and Davis robbed Mary Burrows of her purse and personal items on December 27. Burrows did not appear for the hearing because she was not informed of the court date. Officers 741 Bethel, DC 525 McPhee and 2609 Arthur did not appear, despite being served summonses notifying them of the hearing. The court issued arrest warrants for the officers.

Magistrate Rolle-Davis refused an application from Sergeant Godfrey Brennen to adjourn the hearing, saying the prosecution had sufficient time to get its witnesses to court.

Magistrate Davis also discharged two armed robbery cases and a stealing case for the same reason. Police alleged that the pair held up Tammy Higgs on January 30, 2010. Higgs did not appear and neither did Officers Bethel, McPhee and Arthur.

Irene Goudie, whom police allege the men robbed on January 18, 2010, did not appear for her case because she was not informed of the case.

The complainant in the theft case was also absent because she had not been informed of the court date.

The prosecution can reinstate the charges against the accused.

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