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Isaacs-Dotson new head of NCTU

Jennifer Isaacs-Dotson became the first female president of the National Congress of Trade Unions(NCTU)yesterday, defeating Bahamas Public Service Union(BPSU)President John Pinder for the top spot in the country’s top umbrella union body, and bringing with her a predominantly female executive team.

Isaacs-Dotson, who is also the president of the Union of Tertiary Educators of the Bahamas(UTEB), toldThe Nassau Guardianfollowing her win that it is an honor to be the first woman to hold the position.

According to her, she and several other female presidents from various unions began a movement to put a woman in the president’s seat. And following the triennial delegates convention she was successful at beating out incumbent Pinder by a narrow margin of nine votes.

We had a three-day convention which climaxed with the election of officers,”she said.

“He(Pinder)opposed me and I was successful in the election.

“They(members)said’we are looking for change’and they wanted change.”

She added that she was seen as a person who could get the business of working class people done, and thus the NCTU elected her to the high office.

Pinder conceded that Isaacs-Dotson is a good choice to succeed him, as she is someone who will take the organization from”strength to strength”.

He added that he will continue to support her as the new president.

“It’s very important to understand than the congress is bigger than the president,”he said.”I will do whatever I can to help it move from strength to strength.”

The Ministry of Labour sent out a communique last night congratulating Isaacs-Dotson on her success.

“I congratulate Mrs. Jennifer Isaacs-Dotson, President of the Union of Tertiary Educators of the Bahamas, on her election as the first female president of the National Congress of Trade Unions of The Bahamas,”the release said.

“The incoming president can be assured of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development’s commitment to dialogue, and(the ministry) looks forward to cooperating with her and her team in the months and years ahead.”

One of Isaacs-Dotson’s platforms for the new executive team of the NCTU is increased dialogue with government, she said.

“We need more communication and consultation on major projects,”said Isaacs-Dotson.

“Social dialogue in Barbados is practised at the hilt and our government needs to learn from that.”

The new team consists of First Vice President Theresa Mortimer, Second Vice President Herbert Saunders, Third Vice President Nelerene Harding, Fourth Vice President John Curtis, Secretary General Robert Farquharson, Assistant Secretary General Marion Curry, Treasure Melanie Munnings and Assistant Treasurer Ida Poitier.

The NCTU’s’trustees are Stephano Green, Carmen Kemp, Ronie Armbrister and Helena Cartwright.

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