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Sorrow, worry or faith?

Let me commence today by asking you My Friend, a few questions. Firstly, are you inclined to get into a rather melancholy mood as you nurture within a certain degree of sorrow in your heart, as you keep looking backwards at some sad event which occurred in your life in the past?Secondly are you perhaps constantly in a rather apprehensive state of mind, as you are inclined to worry too much about difficulties which presently appear to be the norm?Finally, are you an optimistic type of individual who consistently remains totally positive in outlook, in spite of the fact, that you might be presently passing through some turbulent times when the economy is not as vibrant as it used to be, and do you thus have complete faith, that in the end you will indeed be successful?In a nutshell, do you have complete faith in yourself to make your goals and objectives come to fruition, thus assisting you to finally reach your desired destination on the road to success?

Well My Friend, how did you honestly answer those three most important questions?In other words, which category do you fit into; Category One, that is always being sorry for the events of the past, Category Two, being in a constant state of worry about everyday events, or Category Three, being a totally positive person who is full of faith, that everything is working together with God, in your life and affairs, thus you have complete faith in your ability to eventually achieve all of your predetermined goals and objectives?I sincerely hope and pray it was the latter, Category Three as you are a faith filled person whose on a mission to succeed in life, regardless of the present day circumstances.

I was listening to Joel Osteen on television a few Sundays ago as he was talking about our subject for today, and he said”SORROW looks back…. WORRY looks around….FAITH looks forward”. In a nutshell, are you My Friend, looking Back, Around or Forward at the beginning of each and every day?I sincerely hope that it is FORWARD with Complete FAITH in your heart and soul, that today will in fact be a fantastically successful day.

There’s absolutely no point whatsoever in looking back, for yesterday, Yesterday is over and simply cannot be changed….THIS IS A FACT!Now, if you chose to look around and worry about what may happen, you’ll actually ATTRACT negative events, those you unduly worry about, into your life. So, in conclusion, always be Forward Looking and Completely Positive in outlook, and you’ll have a simply Great Day….I guarantee it!


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