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Another break-in at Gerald Cash Primary

Two break-ins recently occurred at Gerald Cash Primary School within a week of each other, the school’s principal toldThe Nassau Guardianyesterday.

Albert Clark said in his two years at the school, it has been robbed three times. He said one robbery cost the school thousand of dollars in equipment loss and damage.

Clark said he was saddened yesterday morning when the school’s security officer phoned him to say the vice principal’s office was being ransacked.

“[The officer]was in the office when the noise occurred and when he checked, he recognized that the vice principal’s office was being vandalized,”said Clark.”He exited out the front door and went to the police station.”

Clark said that apart from electronic teaching aids, the school has nothing else of real value and does not keep cash.

“We must have computers and other things like that we use to help our teachers teach their lessons, but we are just a learning institution,”he said.”We don’t make money, we are here to give our students a quality education.”

Clark also recounted last week’s robbery that caused significant physical damage to the school as well as a large financial burden, after two computers were stolen.

He said the perpetrators of that robbery appeared to be junior high school students.

“In the school system we are plagued with break-ins and we don’t really have money as such,”said Clark.

Clark added that the latest break-in happened the night after the school held its annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

“Some of them(parents)are depressed, some of them are out of jobs, some of them they’re not really working as such, so we thought it(Christmas tree lighting ceremony)would be a good thing for the staff and students,”he said.”We left feeling very elated.”

According to police, there has been increased crime in the southern area of New Providence where the school is located.

They claimed recently to have broken up several large theft rings, some of which operated in the area.

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