Sunday, May 31, 2020

Feeling the love

Almost two years after releasing her first single”Bahamian Girl,”and the launch of her debut self-titled album”Brettina,” two months after the single release, things are finally falling into place for the Los Angeles-based Bahamian jazz artist Brettina Robinson. The jazz songstress performed her first major concert in Washington State in the intimate 402-seat Kirkland Performance Center last month to a packed house.

It was a feat that has jazzed the performer as she prepares to head into another year, pursuing a career she loves.

Robinson”pushed”herself onto the music scene, in January 2009 with the release of”Bahamian Girl,”since then she has performed in numerous clubs and coffee shops and done a number of small shows and mini concerts in and around Washington State, and the reviews are pouring in, especially after her first concert.

“I’m an island girl and the strength that lies within surprises me from time to time,” said Robinson recently from Washington state.”I performed my first show to a very enthusiastic crowd.”

The crowd gave her four outstanding ovations, chanting for encore after encore. It was an experience she described as humbling. The song her audience was most enthusiastic for was of course”Bahamian Girl,”to her surprise, as it’s a song that she had the most doubts about placing on her album.

“It was their absolute favorite. I would get them to say,”I am Bahamian Girl”with me and they all were so excited and enthusiastically shouted it back at me. It was so funny and heart-warming. They really liked the song.”She was especially pleased by the crowd’s enthusiasm for the song which she admitted was the one song she had the most doubts about on the album.

Robinson’s performance was so inspiring that the crowd gave her four standing ovations and chanted happily for an encore. The response shocked her. She didn’t expect to get such an overwhelming reception. The singer says she was humbled by the sincere interest and love she was getting from her audience.

Robinson has performed in many small shows and gigs in her hometown jazz clubs and coffee shops in the Washington state area and has always gotten good reviews but even so she was not prepared for the overwhelming reception she got at her first concert.

“After the holidays we’ll start back with jazz festivals and more tour dates to be announced. I have to say that I’m getting a lot of love on and I’ve noticed a good much of my[Bahamian]people have left me great comments there as well. I get so excited when I especially see their comments,”she said.

The jazz singer has not only been making an impact on her listeners but has also been recognized in the industry by professional jazz performers and critics for her fresh new sound that is unforgettable once it is heard. Marc Myers, a New York journalist well known for his commentary on jazz musicians legendary and new, wrote an article on Robinson’s work and rising fame earlier this year.

She says she’s amazed at the attention she’s getting and of being seen as a new noteworthy sound in jazz, and that her style is being accepted. A number of her songs have also been added to many of the jazz online sites.

Looking forward to doing much more in the near future, Robinson says she is more confident in what she’s doing now that she’s getting support in the U.S. and from her fans in The Bahamas.

“I’m excited for the New Year and I’m already working on a follow up album . . . No pressure right?”

With many of her worries and doubts behind her, Robinson does not want to get over confident, as she knows she has a far way to go before her dreams really take off.

Her plans for the near future include making a video for”Bahamian Girl,”which she wants to shoot in New Providence.

“I refuse to shoot anywhere else but my hometown for this song, so I’ll continue to wait to get funding to make this happen. I have to stay true to the music and the honesty in it,” she said.

With the frequent encouraging comments she receives on her site almost daily from Bahamians who are now being exposed to her music, Robinson says she is encouraged and is now riding the breakout track”One” in the United States, which seems to have caught on there.

Things are always changing and evolving and I am really happy about the direction everything is heading,”said Robinson.

You can find Brettina on her fan page on Facebook or listen to her songs online at,, buy her music on amazon, iTunes and eMusic. You can follow her on Twitter as BahaBRETTINA.

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