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Have you seen the light?

“Light,”the hit debut stage play by Deon Simms will have another run before the end of the year with a three-night showing at The Hub on Bay Street.

The powerful, heart-warming play which playwright and director Deon Simms describes as a cautionary tale about the importance of conflict resolution has been put on three times since it was first staged in June. It examines what occurs when two young men become embroiled in an on-going fight over a young lady. The conflict rages on until one’s life is nearly taken and they uncover a devastating truth that changes their lives.

Even if you have seen it before,”Light”is one of those stage plays you won’t mind seeing again to witness the epic fight between Hurricane Nardo and Des, over Patsy who messes around on the wrong person for the last time, and to see Cecil go up against Nardo for control of the gang.

“With programs like the boys brigade and urban renewal on the decline, young men are not being socialized like they were in the past”said Simms. ”They are not being equipped with the necessary social skills to handle conflict and adversity, disagreements and anger.’Light’examines what happens when the wrong decisions are made and the consequences of these decisions. I think it is important to see the play as a light-hearted yet serious take on what could happen if you let violence rule you.”

Simms says the play’s story needed to be staged, in light of the times, and so much going on in the country with the youth. According to him, society as a whole needs to be reminded of the consequences of violence. While primarily focusing on violence and crime the play also touches on other aspects of life that most people overlook–pursuing an education, finding acceptance in society outside of violence and crime and even bettering everyday relationships.

Cast member and assistant director Darion Spence says the play deals with serious issues but still has a light undertone that makes it a great watch. His character, Detective Ramon Brown, is a person to remember as he comedically battles with Nardo and other young men in the play to change their ways.

“This play has a message that is relevant to our day and time, with all the violence that is happening in the communities and school system.’Light’has a message about the importance of conflict resolution.

“My character is someone who knows first hand what a small situation can escalate into if some resolution cannot he achieved. He tries desperately to appeal to both sides to end the conflict. He represents an authority figure who tries to be down to earth and to understand the motivations of the characters–both the instigators and the victims–in order to resolve the conflict. He genuinely want to make a difference, not just with this situation, but in the wider community. Through him, the audience should get the point that there are some officers that really do care about their mission. One of his important quotes is:’I’m here to perform a public service, I’m trying to make this a better place, not just by locking away the bad guys and protecting the good guys, but by knowing the difference.'”

Simms hopes that people come out to this last showing of the year and says while they may laugh, cry and scream he hopes that they remember the play’s message far longer than they remember the names of the characters or scenes.

“We want people to have fun and enjoy it but it is also important that the message and point of the play not be forgotten or overlooked.”


When:Friday, December 10 through Sunday, December 12

Where:The Hub, Bay Street

Time:8 p.m.

Cost:$15-general,$12-students with ID,$10-group rate for 10 persons or more.]

For more information on tickets, call 426-2743 or 427-9387.

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