Sunday, May 24, 2020
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Magistrate discharges cases because of absent witnesses

No prosecution witnesses, including police officers, appeared to testify against Timothy Gooding Cole in two armed robbery cases.

Police charged Cole with 14 counts of armed robbery in February. Police allege that Cole, 39, of Dames Alley, went on a crime spree following his release from prison in May 2009. He had spent 18 years in prison for armed robbery.

Yesterday Cole appeared before Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis for the continuation of his preliminary inquiries into the robberies of John Chea Number 5 on Boyd Road and the robbery of Catherine Wong and Shantell Saunders. When the magistrate called the case, no prosecution witnesses were present. He discharged both cases as this was the third time that no witnesses appeared to testify in the preliminary hearing to determine if there was enough evidence for a Supreme Court trial.

Cole remains in custody on other armed robbery cases and the alleged murder of Darron Farrington.

Earlier this week, Magistrate Rolle-Davis discharged four armed robbery cases against Brent McPhee and Ramon Davis because prosecution witnesses did not appear. The magistrate issued arrest warrants for Officers 741 Bethel, DC 525 McPhee and 2609 Arthur because they did not appear, despite being served summonses notifying them of the hearing.

A discharge does not serve as an acquittal and the prosecution can bring the cases back.

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