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Munnings appointed new Director of Sports

Establishing a workable relationship with athletes, coaches and federation heads is just one of the main focuses of the new Director of Sports in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, Timothy Munnings.

The former quarter-miler for the country, a relay bronze medalist at the 2000 Olympics, officially took office on Monday, replacing Martin Lundy who is now retired. The Director of Sports was one of two positions that was opened in the ministry, the other being the Deputy Director of Sports, which was held by Frank’Pancho’Rahming. Munnings said that a deputy is yet to be named.

“The appointment is official, it came into affect on Monday, November 29,” said Munnings.”So far, I haven’t gotten into the business of sports as yet, it has just been a lot of orientation meetings, meeting persons within the ministry and trying to settle in. These persons have been very helpful. They are directing me and giving me information that I need to become familiar with, so everything so far is going smoothly. You can call my first couple of days in the ministry my orientation, because that’s how it was.

“I don’t have my job description as yet, but my portfolio broadly covers the National Sports Authority, or the Sports Authority that is coming into effect. The anti-doping and the National Stadium are just some of things that I will be directly involved in, but the department itself is being restructured. How it all shapes up, and will be determined in the next couple of weeks.”

Munnings, who was one of many that had applied for the job, knows that it won’t be a”walk in the park”. He said that he is up to the challenge.

He said: ”I would like to make some form of impact. I am familiar with how athletes and federations are struggling, especially in these hard economic times. However, this is an exciting time for our athletes. We are doing very well, we are improving in all sporting disciplines. We are getting bigger and stronger, our federations are growing, so the excitement that surrounds sports, in general, I hope to help to continue to get it to grow. I want to see a broader base of athletes participating in sports.

“It is always difficult when there are financial restraints. We have a serious budget limitation, but you know we are going to have to try and find ways to be creative in how we get everyone involved. Hopefully, next year, the economic restraints will ease so we can do a bit more. I definitely will relate better with the athletes and federations, being a former athlete myself. I know a lot of them and have built good relationships with most of them. I can appreciate what they are going through.”

As an athlete, Munnings competed at various regional and international championships. He was a member of the bronze medal winning 4×400 meter relay team that competed in the Sydney Olympic Games. Munnings retired with a personal best time of 45.81 seconds in the 400m and 32.98 seconds in the 300m. His last listed competition on the International Association of Athletic Federations(IAAF) website was in 2005. That year he clocked 46.95 seconds in the 400m.

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