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2011 high flying season for martial artists

The eight-member team that competed in the 2010 Four Season Martial Arts Tour, a few week back, is now preparing for the 2011 season which will be filled with high ranking tournaments, set to be staged both regionally and internationally.

A total of 20 medals were won by Keanna Dean, Brenique Johnson, Rashad Davis, Malik Jackson, Ryan Bain, Sabastian Curtis, Kyle Rolle and Kenrod Rolle, at the Four Seasons Martial Arts Tour. The tour was held at the Barbara Goldman Senior High school, in Miami, Florida. Dean, a second degree purple belt, was first in kata and third in fighting. Another second degree purple belt fighter, Johnson, was third in kata and second in fighting while Davis took top honors in both kata and weapons and finished second in fighting. Davis is now preparing for the brown belt.

Gold medals were captured by Jackson and Bain in fighting. Bain also won the kata competition, in his division. The green belt fighter is currently working on getting his purple belt. Curtis is the most advanced fighter of the eight, as a junior black belt fighter. He took three gold medals at the tournament, weapon, kata and fighting. Both Kyle Rolle and Kenrod Rolle secured medals in kata and fighting. Kata, said Ronald Martin are pre-arranged movements and one of the easiest and quickest to learn.

Martin, a fourth degree black belt, is the instructor at the Smokey’s Karate School(SKS), located in the Pinder’s Mart Building. The school has more than 30 students enrolled and caters to both youth and adults.

He said: ”They did very well, I am so proud of them and the way they displayed their talents. This is just the beginning for them and the other students at the school. We have so many events planned, including several tournaments. We hope to compete in the US Open for training, that is the biggest tournament every year in the USA. That tournament will be held in Orlando.

“We plan to attend other tournaments because we want to expose the fighters. The US Open will be the biggest of them all though. The fighters who recently took part in the tournament in Miami they were remarkable. Their overall all team performance was outstanding. We really had a good showing. They were ready.”

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