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COB small ensemble class holds concert

The stars of their first small ensemble class, College of the Bahamas music department students held a recent concert that required them to be both producers and performers.

The students, who comprised a six-piece ensemble, performed “An Evening with the Ensemble” on November 22 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Kirk. Performing together and in two-piece combinations, they played a program of classical and jazz music.

The evening’s music included works by 19th and early 20th century Caribbean composers. The students performed Cuban Ernesto Lecuona’s”Por Eso Te Quiero”and Haitian Ludovic Lamothe’s”Nibo”, among others.

“It was a very interesting experience, just being able to work with other musicians and being able to cooperate with each other,”said alto saxophone player, Basil Miller, of the semester-long ensemble class.

Nikia Adderley(clarinet), Ishmael Bain(trumpet), Calvin Parker(piano), Selah Poitier(double bass)and Shavincia Thomas(flute)made up the rest of the group.

“In order for you to get ahead you actually have to work as a group because the whole class, small ensemble, is a group initiative,”said Shavincia Thomas of the class.

The students were expected to arrange their music, find a venue and host a concert as a course requirement. Lecturer Dr. Christine Gangelhoff was pleased with the final result, but said she had her doubts as crunch time approached.

“This went really well,”said Gangelhoff after the concert.”I had moments of doubt because I’d come into the rehearsal and kind of row them and say’do you have any idea of what this is going to take?’And I kind of thought they weren’t going to be able to pull it off, but they put in a lot of work in the last week.”

The concert, which lasted for a little under an hour, ended with a group jazz piece arranged by pianist Calvin Parker.

“I was going through some videos on Youtube, just listening to some stuff because I’m a producer, so I was trying to get a little inspiration on making something new, and I heard a church group,”he said after the concert of what inspired the piece.

“This guy was playing some church music, and about an hour or two afterwards it just came to me and I just went to the keyboard.”

The group expressed satisfaction with the concert, most calling it a successful ending to what had been a challenging course.

“It was better than I expected and I wasn’t nervous for once,”said double bass player Selah Poitier.”I actually played better than I normally do. I hope I got an’A’.”

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