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Imogene Walkine exhibits in ‘Luxe’at Cube West Gallery

Art is all about relationships. Relationships between the artist and the subject, the artist and the viewer and the artist and the medium. The Cube West Gallery, a private gallery space in Old Fort Bay, once again explores those relationships as it opens”Luxe”by Imogene Walkine on December 7.

“Relationships are what we are building our gallery upon,”says gallery co-owner Gillian Watson.”We built our home with the idea that it would be a place where artists would come together to talk about art, and the gallery was just a natural step forward from those early conversations.”

The newest show at The Cube West,”Luxe”, by Imogene Walkine, is an example of another strong relationship build around art.

“I learned about Imogene through a newspaper article that I read when I had just started the job as curator of another gallery six years ago,”said Gillian.”I loved the images I saw in the paper so I made a few calls, got Imogene’s number and phoned her to let her know how much I enjoyed her work.”

That call was the beginning of a relationship that has spanned six years and at least a dozen art shows and art events.”We have grown with each other,”said Gillian.

“Imogene has taught me how to relate to artists on both a personal and professional level. I am pleased to say that I think we have really become quite good friends. I love that art has that potential… create lasting relationships.”

“Luxe”again brings Imogene’s brilliant, bold ceramics to the public. Her delicate, flowing organic shapes and level of detail are matched only by her expert understanding of her medium.

“It is such a pleasure to watch Imogene work. She is so skilled but also so creative and open to experimentation. She displays the perfect balance between total control and a willingness to take risks and try something new,”said Gillian.

The title of the show stemmed from Imogene’s desire to create wall art that was not only beautiful but also elegant and classi, like fine jewelry.

“In thinking about jewelry-I decided to actually make jewelry-for the home,”Imogene said.”I used sea glass to create precious stones and a luster to mimic mother of pearl. My usual inspiration of our beautiful Bahamian environment was used to create the forms Sea forms and flowers.”

Walkine said that she focused on mainly form and effect in”Luxe.”

“Therefore, color has been eliminated from most of the pieces. Instead, I aimed to create shimmering white jewels. This way, there can be more emphasis on light, shadow and form. In several of the pieces, I have extracted and isolated the forms which inspire me and present them as framed panels. I am so excited about the effect of such simplicity that my mind is racing towards my next show’Luxe II’,”she said.

The Cube West Gallery is located in a small studio space inside the home of Artist Arjuna Watson. On any given evening you can find local or visiting artists, students or clients enjoying good conversation and getting to know each other on one of the homes large front porches. Arjuna and Gillian’s three children regularly join in on these conversations.

“It was important for us to create a space where art was the focus and where our kids would have the opportunity to grow up surrounded by art and artists,”said Gillian.

Art show openings at The Cube West are a combination of meeting new people, reconnectioning with other artists and hanging out with new and old friends.

“Luxe”is open to invited guests on Tuesday , December 7 from 6 9 p.m. It is also open by appointment only for anyone not able to attend the opening reception. For more information, to be added to the guest list for Dec 7 or to book a private viewing please contact The Cube West either by phone(242.362.4702)or email(

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