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I sanctify me & demonize you

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to revel in running other people down, whilst they simultaneously praise their own actions?I’m quite sure that the answer to that question is indeed in the affirmative, for from my personal observations, far too many people spend way too long in a most critical mode, as they demonize others, whilst at the same time seeking to sanctify themselves. Now, here’s the important question to be pondered here today. Why do some people appear to continuously do this?The short answer is, that they have low self-esteem, thus they seem compelled to spend most of their time running others down, whilst at the same time trying desperately, almost half-heartedly, to bolster their very fragile self-image.

Back in the seventies, a book was published written by Eric Berne called’The games people play’. The book dealt, with a new form of Psycho-analysis called’Transactional Analysis’. Then a protégé of Eric Berne, Dr. Thomas Harris whom I knew, wrote a best seller on the same subject titled’I’m OK—-You’re OK’…..this book with the very catchy title was a runaway best seller all around the globe.

Both of these books’The games people play’and’I’m OK—-You’re OK’dealt’in-depth’with the subject which I’m endeavoring to cover in

this article, and that is, why do people feel a constant need to run others down, to in effect demonize others, whilst at the same time boasting habitually about how great their accomplishments supposedly are?The simple answer, as Dr. Harris put it in his bestseller is, because we don’t feel OK about ourselves, in a nutshell, we have very low self-esteem.

Both of the books referred to today highlight The FACT, that we all go through three stages in life. When we’re young children and depend on others to take care of our every need, we’re in the’I’m NOT OK….You’re OK’stage. Now, when we become teenagers and start to feel that we’re now independent and can thus do everything we want by ourselves, we then enter the’I’m OK ….You’re not OK’stage of our mental and psychological development.

However, the final stage which we all should eventually graduate to as Spiritually-Mature Adults, is when we implicitly believe that’I’m OK….You’re OK’. At that stage of maturity and spiritual awareness, we have no need whatsoever to demonize anyone, as we feel good about ourselves and everyone else, KNOWING that ALL are in fact our brothers and sisters in God’s One Universal Family, and that He created everyone to be perfect, just as He and we ALL are!


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