Monday, Nov 18, 2019
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PM: Govt. considering changes to public tendering process

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said yesterday that the government is considering amending the public tendering process to ensure that the most deserving bidders are always awarded contracts.

“We have to discontinue the practice of saying we will automatically award a job to the lowest tenderer,”Ingraham said while speaking at the opening session of the Bahamas Society of Engineers conference at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort.

“We also have to put some conditions down as to what qualifies you to tender on this job so that we’ll stop wasting public resources, because there is a lot of waste that takes place in the contracting of the Government of The Bahamas a lot of wastage.”

Ingraham said earlier this week that the government is dissatisfied with the traffic light system in New Providence.

In awarding previous traffic light maintenence contracts, Ingraham said the government wanted to share opportunity to various businesses.

“And we sometimes end up with services that are unacceptable,”he said, adding that the government is in the process of selecting a company it will award a new contract to.

Numerous traffic lights on New Providence have been inoperable over the past few months, causing traffic congestion and accidents.

During his address, Ingraham also said the government would do its best to ensure that Bahamians are able to benefit from the major projects scheduled to begin in the country within the next few years.

“The Government of the Bahamas is unwavering in its pledge to ensure the participation of Bahamians to the greatest extent possible in all government projects, and to do likewise to the same extent in respect to foreign direct investment to the extent we can,”he said.

Ingraham encouraged the engineers to attempt to obtain contracts with Baha Mar for the upcoming$2.6 billion Cable Beach project. The company has pledged$400 million in contracts to Bahamians.

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