Monday, May 25, 2020
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Pastor prevents theft at church

An observant pastor was forced to intervene and use his vehicle to block in and prevent two men from stealing from his church on Thursday,The Nassau Guardianhas learned.

Bishop Delton Fernander, pastor at New Destiny Baptist Cathedral, Blue Hill Road, said the first attempted theft at the church took place on Sunday.

According to Fernander, the church previously hired a crane to take down two 15-ton air conditioning units while roof repairs were conducted. They remained on the ground near the church.

Sometime between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Sunday, Fernander said someone stripped down and cut wires to one of the units. Church members noticed the damage when they returned for evening worship, Fernander said.

Driving by the church on Thursday, the pastor said he noticed two men near the church stripping down the units. He called the church’s treasurer who confirmed that he did not authorize anyone to perform work on the units.

The pastor said he used his vehicle to block in the white truck the men were in and he called the police.

“But everybody naturally thought this person was doing some kind of work,”said Fernander.

Police responded quickly, the pastor recalled, and one suspect was apprehended and the other escaped.

“I believe the church has become one of the entities that is being targeted,”said the pastor.

Recently Fernander said he returned home and noticed that a back door had been pried open. The pastor toldThe Guardianhe knows other pastors who have been victims of crime.

“It is sad that we have come to that point that really the church has become one of the entities that is being targeted for theft and robbery,”he said.

The Bahamas has recorded another record year of crime and violence. The country set its third homicide record in four years in 2010.

Fernander said those committing crimes should think of what they are doing to others.

“As a society we must stop lowering our levels to do anything…to survive,”he said.

The pastor said he was not afraid to confront the men, as there comes a time when citizens get”fed up”with criminal activity.

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