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Men with high-powered guns rob Cost Right

It took only 90 seconds Saturday evening for three men with high powered weapons to storm into Cost Right, demand cash and flee, the store’s top man toldThe Nassau Guardianyesterday.

Gavin Watchorn, who is president and chief executive of AML Foods, a consortium of retail businesses which includes Cost Right, lauded the security officer for keeping her cool as she was taken at gun point into the store.

“I need to commend the actions of our security who remained calm throughout the process,”he said.

According to Watchorn, he was in the store at the time of the robbery.

He said the men fled with a minimal amount of cash, as the store has procedures in place to minimize the amount of cash that is kept in the registers at any one time.

According to police accounts, at about 6:20 in the evening they received the call that Cost Right was being robbed.

“Police responded and information received that three males all of whom were allegedly armed with high powered weapons, approached the female security of the establishment, took her into the store and demanded cash,”said a police report.

“The culprits robbed the establishment of an undetermined amount of cash and fled the area on foot west onto Graham Drive, Yellow Elder.”

The police report suggested one of the men was clad in a red jacket, with red tennis shoes, black pants and a white t-shirt.

Watchorn said he is not considering adding additional security to the store.

“As regards additional security, when individuals come with those type of weapons there is little you can do that would not result in a worse situation than what we had,”he said.”Thank God no one was hurt.”

Head of Advanced Technical Enterprise Ethric Bowe, who has been a vocal advocate for businesses which claim they are experiencing economic hardships related to the Blue Hill Road rerouting, suggested yesterday that the success of the armed robbery was facilitated by Blue Hill’s one way orientation.

He contended in an e-mail that because police now have to drive north before being able to head south-Cost Right is south of the Blue Hill Road police station-robbers like the ones who robbed Cost Right now have extra getaway time.

“The police cannot safely travel south and quickly deal with crime in the mall,”the e-mail said.”From the time of the conversion of the traffic’s direction it was pointed out that this created a new security risk.”

However, Watchorn suggested the robbery was simply too quick.

“The police arrived very quickly after, so the road criticism is mute,”he said.

According to him, some of Cost Right’s staff members have been adversely affected by the incident.”Some of our staff are a little shook up and we will provide counselling for them,”he said.

According to police, investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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