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Williams/Holyfield fight canceled

“Three strikes and you’re out,”said Sherman’The Caribbean Tank’Williams to Evander’The Real Deal’Holyfield, yesterday.

The Bahamian heavyweight boxer expressed disappointment in Holyfield and his camp for backing out of the 12-round fight, once again. Williams said that it was the third time Holyfield had asked for the fight to be pushed back. He revealed that after the November 5 and 12 postponements, Holyfield still was not ready to”throw down”on Thursday, December 9. As a result, the show, which was scheduled for the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan has been canceled. The official announcement about the fight’s cancelation was posted on the Olympia Entertainment’s website last month. The notice read:’Due to the unforeseen circumstances, Evander Holyfield’s’Fight Against Hunger’at the Joe Louis Arena has been cancelled.’

Even though both boxing camps are fully aware of the cancelation, Williams said Holyfield made an attempt to host the fight on January 17, 2011.

“At this point Holyfield had one, two, three opportunities… I am truly disappointed,” said Williams.”I am probably the most aggravated man in Florida right now. Having the fight re-scheduled on three different occasions will be hard for any fighter. I committed myself totally to the cause and what I was doing. I knew that Evander Holyfield, at this age in the game, was a perfect opponent for me to knock him out and put a five-time champion, under my belt and win the World Boxing Federation(WBF)title.

“From November 5, they were having problems. When they cancelled November 5, it was due to Evander’s camp wanting a little more training time. They started late and when the time came closer they started to stress themselves out. They were trying to talk their way into a fight. Basically, they overlooked me. That is how it started out. They changed from the November 5 to the 12th to buy themselves an extra week. By doing that, they put the whole card in jeopardy because they lost the television. Sports Fox Net was dedicated to the fight. They were the ones putting up most of the money. Once they canceled, Fox couldn’t commit to the re-scheduled date, which was November 12th or that December 9th. When they came up with December 9, I think that there were some issues where the Boxing Commission was unhappy with them canceling the fight on two occasions, but they had moved it to January 17. I am just really disappointed.”

Williams has a win/loss record of 34-11-2, 19 KOs and Holyfield has a record of 43-10-2, 28 KOs. The fight with Holyfield would have been the first on the year for the Freeport native who last squared off with Manuel Charr in Germany, in October 2009. Holyfield’s last show was April of this year against Francois Botha. He picked up the knockout win in the eighth round.

This was a chance at a world title for Williams. He took his training to Austria where he sparred with Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko. The venture, stated Williams, was helpful but very expensive, now that the fight has been canceled.

“I would have beat him convincingly which was going to shatter his plans on fighting in Europe next year,” said a confident Williams.”He don’t want to fight. They are saying possibly January 17, but I brought myself back to the reality that I lost a lot of money. I am in great shape, no doubt. My whole team has lost, my trainer, my physical physician, manager and myself. It was expensive to train for nine weeks. To live in Boca Raton, Florida and in Austria. This is one of the biggest problems that boxing has had for the last three or four decades. I am totally disappointed, frustrated and somewhat devastated.

“I know my punching power. Everyone who I have sparred with or fought against, they know my punching power. I ask myself when I learned about it, why would Holyfield step into the ring with someone who would possibly knock him out?That will only ruin his chances at that title shot. So you know what he is going to do?He has plans to step into the ring with a guy who is 48 I think. This is the solution that my manager and trainer came up with and it is the only thing that makes sense to us.”

Williams is not too sure when his next fight will be, but stated that he is ready to fight whenever and whoever.

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