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2010 Shopper

Labelling of Goods for light manufacturers

Michael Sawyer–manager track 19

What are the standards?/What is required on packages.

pigeon peas&guava jam

not at the moment any requirements

We’ve arleady started dointg some of labels with ingredients

some of the newer products eg guava jam

conch chowder

none of the beans have it yet.

if we join the wto we have to change

not many challenges

send sample of product to lab&they send back information

not locally more competivei … have to comply with new laws.

at the moent trying to do peas at once then kidney beans … that lhts cost 3:20

Mrs. Hall

Conchy Joe’s Bahamian Food Products

Bahamas Food Packaging Ltd.

Soldier Road Industrial Park,

Old Trail Road, P.O.Box CR-54613,

Nassau, Bahamas

Conch Chowder

conch fritter batter

pepper sauces

Potato chips

Who are the light manufactureres?

Are there any plans to mandate changes?


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