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Case against shooting suspect dropped

Prosecutors have determined that just one man will stand trial for wounding a four-year-old boy in a shoot-out earlier this year.

Last week prosecutors in the Attorney General’s Office fast-tracked the case against Renardo Minnis, 21, who is charged with endangering the lives of Abagail Whyms and her son, Anthon Whyms, to the Supreme Court.

Anthon and his mom were at a car wash in Pinewood Gardens on June 14 when he was shot in the head.

Police had charged Minnis and Tyson Deveaux with the shooting. But prosecutors discontinued the charges against Deveaux, who was also wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

Deveaux was ambushed shortly after he pulled up to the wash house days after he was cleared of the murder of Marlon”Marley”Smith because witnesses repeatedly failed to show up.

However, Deveaux wil still face trial over a gun police allegedly found during a search of his home in Pinewood Gardens when he was hospitalized.

Deveaux and his mother, Valderine Deveaux, 55, are charged together. He is charged along with Richard Higgs, 23, and Tevin Richardson, 19, in connection with a gun that was allegedly found in Deveaux’s car.

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