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Color me beautiful: Winter’s color story

Endive and Chocolate Truffle may sound like menu items at your favorite restaurant, but they’re actually two of the hottest hues for the winter season as per the Pantone Color Institute, the authority on color in the fashion industry.

Hot color trends for winter build on the color palette from this spring, which means with a little layering, you can transition many of your boldly colored spring pieces right into fall and winter.

Variations of the perennial favorites red and green are prevalent, with Lipstick Red–a deep, rich red, and Woodbine–a neutral avocado green as fundamental basics. Cheery hues typically associated with spring such as Living Coral–an orange, peach hue with delicate pink undertones and Lagoon–an exotic turquoise hue(and Pantone’s elected color of the year)are also popular.

According to contemporary designer Nanette Lapore in the Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2010,”In current economic conditions color is more important than ever. Incorporating a few fresh colors into your wardrobe can revitalize and provide an array of potential new color combinations to make getting dressed more exciting.”

Winter’s cheery color trends extend to the world of cosmetics as well. Recently, M.A.C. Cosmetics launched their”A Tartan Tale”winter collection at a Scottish themed cocktail party at the Cosmetics Boutique on Bay Street.

The foodie in me devoured the hors d’oeuvres and the fashionista in me quickly scooped up a tube of Full Fuchsia lipstick before it sold out,(it’s currently sold out on the M.A.C. website.)

“A Tartan Tale”is M.A.C.’s version of a cinderella fairy tale. The story of a cursed punk fairy resigned to life as a mortal laundress set in Scotland. Tartan balls, echoing bagpipes and magical wish granting lip glosses and eye shadows complete the tale of her return to glory and fated union with her prince.

Without doubt, the colors in the collection will make you feel like a modern day princess.

Full Fuchsia is just one of the stand out pink hues in the”A Tartan Tale collection.”Variations of pink and apricots dominate the lip and cheek colors in this winter line. The eye colors don’t stray too far from this color palette as well, with Semi-Precious–a purple, fuchsia color reminiscent of Pantone’s Purple Orchid and complementary Enviable Fun–a refreshing yellow green comparable to Pantone’s Endive.

Fatima Thomas, New York City-based senior artist on the M.A.C. Pro Team flew down especially for the launch.

Fatima’s ultimate M.A.C. holiday must have from the”A Tartan Tale”collection is Radiant Jewels–a soft, sheer, cranberry red Dazzleglass Creme.”A lot of women want to wear red, but a lot of us aren’t ready for full on rich true red because it’s a very powerful statement.[Radiant Jewels]is a great way to segue yourself if you’ve been doing nude lips and now you want to do more color, that’s a great first step towards wearing a bolder lip or a red lip.”

My Highland Honey–an apricot blush from the collection is also deemed a must-have by Fatima. According to her it’s”just peachy enough but just golden enough to work on a lot of different skin tones.”

As far as eye color, her pick is Glamora Castle–a shimmery gun metal gray hue. She recommends it as a great option for those who favor natural eyes but are tired of the typical browns and golds.”Think of gray and also burgundy as honorary neutrals, and anybody can wear gray,”says Fatima.

In keeping with M.A.C.’s commitment to support men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS globally, as a part of the”A Tartan Tale Collection,”M.A.C. introduced Sir Teddy, an adorable stuffed tartan patchwork bear linked to the Kids Helping Kids project available for$15. All proceeds from the sale of Sir Teddy go directly to the M.A.C. AIDS Fund.

Many women experiment with mixing colors in their eye make-up, but play it safe when it comes to mixing and matching colors in their wardrobe. As far as colors go, if it works for your makeup, chances are it will work beautifully in your clothing as well.

Chocolate brown, pinky purple and avocado green makes for a festive color story, though not your traditional holiday hues.

Yellow green, chocolate brown, turquoise and a rich plum make a delightful fall/winter color palette, combining the warm hues you love for fall with crisp bursts of subtle color.

You can look festive without resorting to the typical red and green color story. Take a cue from Pantone and M.A.C.’s holiday color palettes with variations of the tried and true holiday favorites spiced up with crisp bright colors peppered in.

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