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Cop dies after accidental shooting

Inspector Archibald Miller died in hospital on Sunday from injuries sustained during an accidental shooting Thursday morning.

Miller, 47, a married father of three, was reportedly shot three times in the chest at close range while on a covert operation in southwestern New Providence around 3 a.m.

According to a well-placed source, a constable on the operation fell asleep in a police vehicle. The startled officer fired his gun when Inspector Miller tapped on the vehicle’s glass to rouse him, the source said.

Following the shooting, Miller, who served on the force for 27 years, underwent four surgeries at Doctors Hospital but he remained in critical condition until his death.

Assistant Commissioner Hulan Hanna extended condolences to Miller’s family on behalf of the Royal Bahamas Police Force. He described Miller, who was affectionately called Archie, as”the life of DEU.”

Hanna said the incident was traumatic for the officers present, especially the constable who mistakenly shot his supervisor. Hanna did not disclose how many officers were present because the operation was covert.

Hanna called the incident an”unfortunate turn of events”and said at times like this the Force must come together.

Hanna noted that Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade had ensured that the officer received immediate counselling. He added that the officer was given time off, but his work status will be reviewed.

According to Hanna the internal investigation into the shooting was still ongoing. He could not say whether a coroner’s inquest would be held into the incident.

Police officers have been paid tribute to their fallen comrade on Facebook. One wrote,”Many drug dealers and pushers may rejoice because the soldier known as”Archie”is gone… lawless people will rejoice when a peacemaker is gone but they forget that there are many in the Drug Enforcement Unit who have been trained by”Archie”and who are just as relentless as he.”Another wrote,”Archie you fought the fight, you have finished the race. I know that you are in a better place because of your last words. I will see you again in the resurrection. You have impacted my life greatly and I’m forever grateful.”


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