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Jitters persist a day after Cost Right robbery

Cost Right cashiers who had guns pressed to their heads during a robbery Saturday night were reluctant to go back to work yesterday, The Nassau Guardian has learned.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one Cost Right employee claimed that several employees thought twice about returning to work, as many of them were still shaken up by the incident.

According to the employee, on Friday night, some of the packers at the Town Centre Mall establishment were robbed.

She also revealed that there was another incident involving a young lady being threatened by a group of men Friday night.

She claimed police were called about the incident but never showed up.

She said it all came to a head for the Cost Right employees Saturday night when three men stormed into the establishment wielding firearms and demanding cash.

Gavin Watchorn, president and chief executive of AML Foods, which owns Cost Right, told The Nassau Guardian Sunday that the robbers came into the store with high powered weapons.

A customer who was reportedly in the store at the time of the robbery and spoke on condition of anonymity said the men went from cashier to cashier placing the guns to their heads while stripping the cash registers of their contents.

He claimed one supervisor even tried to avoid being targeted by the gunmen by ripping her work badge from her person and throwing it to the ground.

While Watchorn said the fracas went on for 90 seconds, the customer said it felt more like a few minutes.

“All that drama was going on for a few minutes as they went from cashier to cashier,”said the customer.

To make matters worse for the victims of the robbery, he claimed he and several others attempted to call police while the robbery was still in progress, only to reach a busy line.

“We called 919 and 911 and started to call the Grove police station and it was busy, busy, busy straight through,”he claimed.

“And they were in that shop robbing that shop and let me tell you something-trust me-if the police had come, they could have caught them.”

Both the employee and customer claimed police took more than 30 minutes to arrive at the store.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Glen Miller said the officers chased the men before arriving on the scene.

According to the employee, the car the men arrived in was still parked outside of Cost Right yesterday morning.

“It was so scary,”said the customer.

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