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Kelly’s top sellers for the season

The Christmas season is here and shopping is underway, with many Bahamians trying to get the right gift for the special people on their lists.

How that Christmas dollar is spent may be more important than ever this year, as the economy has not recovered from the downturn of recession yet. Kelly’s senior buyer, Susan Glinton toldGuardian Businessabout some of the hot gift picks this season, based on what is selling well in the store.

“For women, sewing machines are popular,”Glinton said.”We have a lot of people in this country who sew and who are very good at it. Sewing has always been popular in The Bahamas, especially for someone who loves to sew or does a lot of sewing… it’s a nice gift.”

Glinton said that she was not certain the increase in demand for sewing machines was related to harder economic times. She said many start sewing as a hobby and turn it into a lucrative way to earn extra money.

In addition to the popularity of sewing machines, Glinton said that china, crystal, candles and candle holders are all selling well as gifts for women this season.

“A hot item that’s really been selling is a digital video recorder(DVR)that we have on special,”Glinton said. That was on special for the whole month of November and continues to be on special and they have really been blowing up.”She said the video recorder is priced at$59.99.

The hot selling items for men, according to Glinton, are televisions, tool sets, grills and DVD players. Wine coolers, which are mini refrigerators, have also been a hot gift item for men this season, and she said that one model, which was on special, was already sold-out.

For kids this season many of the old favorites are still top sellers, such as swing sets and bikes.

“Computer toys are really doing extremely well,”Glinton said.”I think people are looking for educational toys more than ever.”

Barbies, WWE figures, and Hot Wheels are also still showing strong sales for kids, Glinton said.

For the teens in your life, Glinton said that electronics usually make a good choice. She said video recorders, digital cameras, and DVD players are good choices.

“You can never go wrong with a gift card,”Glinton said.”It doesn’t expire and it’s good for anything in the store.”The cards have a blank value which can be loaded, and reloaded at the cashier, she said.

As a unique gift idea, Glinton said a towel set could be purchased from Kelly’s and taken to be monogrammed, to add a personal element.

Another idea she suggested was a backgammon set.”People have really gotten back into Backgammon,”Glinton said. According to her, Kelly’s offers”a nice, wooden set for$39.99.”

Kelly’s Home Centre is located at the Marathon Mall.

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