Monday, May 25, 2020
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Make-up making a difference

Who knew doing good could look so good?

M.A.C. Cosmetics gives customers the opportunity to give back while giving in to the kaleidoscope of color in its Viva Glam line of lipsticks and glosses.

The line features high fashion and a helping hand for people suffering with HIV and AIDS around the world through the M.A.C. AIDS Fund. The Fund raises money for the cause through Viva Glam.

“The family of lipsticks has a very wide range of colors,”said senior M.A.C. make-up artist, Fatima Thomas.

“We’ve been doing Viva Glam lipsticks for many years and there’s a color for everybody.”

The versatile line has paid off in more ways than one. Thomas said that Viva Glam has raised millions since its establishment over a decade ago in the 90s.

“We’ve raised probably over$160 million to date that we’ve been giving back to help people who are somehow affected by AIDS/HIV, and we’ve helped worldwide.”

The Mac AIDS Fund also includes”Kids Helping Kids,”a program in which children living with AIDS or who are affected by the disease design greeting cards that are sold to raise money for the cause.

“We then take the designs and print them out and make cards and we sell them and then the money raised from those cards goes to helping pediatric AIDS organizations, things that go to directly help children,”said Thomas.

The greeting cards are sold at M.A.C. boutiques around the world each Christmas. This year the company added a special item–the”Kids Helping Kids”teddy bear sporting its winter tartan theme.

“This year we added something cute that I really like,”said Thomas of the plaid teddy bear.”There’s a large one and at some locations you can have a slightly smaller one that you can clip onto a purse or to a backpack.

“Again monies of the sale of these items–cards, teddy bears, lipsticks–go back to help people who really need support; whether it’s medication or having nutritious meals, that money goes to quality of life enterprises.”

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