Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Sandals Foundation gives thanks by giving

Sandals Foundation volunteers spent Thanksgiving Day with the students at the neighboring Gambier Primary School. The team served up a warm, sumptuous Thanksgiving lunch of mashed potato, turkey, stuffing, gravy, corn and assorted cupcakes to the entire school population. The more than 100 students ranging from pre-school to grade six were delighted for the lunchtime treat.

The hotel property team members were joined by Sandals select guests Andrew and Sonya Montemayor from Longwood, Florida. The couple had donated$100 to the Sandals Foundation and were amazed at the number of initiatives that the resort performed in the community and asked to be a part of the Thanksgiving treat.

“We just found out about the Sandals Foundation, and when we heard they would be sharing Thanksgiving with the students we volunteered to come along and we must say it was a wonderful experience,”said Mrs. Montemayor. She said that the idea to go along with the group was a last minute decision but they were happy they decided to visit the school.

Sandals public relations manager, Stacy Mackey said that the resort’s kitchen and pastry shop outdid themselves and provided them with so much food that they were able to feed the students and teachers.

“Everyone who came out to volunteer was interacting with the students and sharing things that they were most thankful for. We had two team members who joined us even though they are on vacation and it demonstrates a level of unselfishness and their commitment to give back to others,” said Mackey who added that upon notifying the school’s principal, Mrs. Johnson of the resort’s Thanksgiving plans for the students she was very receptive to the idea.

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