Monday, May 25, 2020
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Self Starter diversifies business

BahaMix, the government entity that paves public roads, recently awarding a footwear supply contract to a Bahamas Striping, a company formed earlier this year with the help of the Ministry of Youth’s Self Starter program.

BahaMix awarded the contract after a tender for steel-capped footwear for its road crews. Bahamas Striping is lead by Self Starter winner Atario Mitchell, who submitted a bid with high-quality, fire-rated Wolverine boots to protect workers’feet from hot asphalt.

“We already import equipment and materials for road marking and painting car parks,”said Mitchell, explaining why Bahamas Striping ventured into supplying and importing.”So when we heard about BahaMix’s tender for boots, we said, why not give it a go?”

“Road marking is a’feast or famine’business, so it’s good to diversify when things are slow,”he added. Mitchell looks forward to expanding this side of his business in 2011. Meanwhile, Bahamas Striping is offering 20 percent off car park painting before Christmas.

BahaMix’s Assistant Storekeeper Charles Green, said:”Bahamas Striping met conditions that we set and came in with the best products for the best price. We were also happy that we could support Mr. Mitchell and his new Self Starter enterprise. It’s always good to see the youth getting on with life in a serious way. We found Bahamas Striping to be professional and service oriented.”

Bahamas Striping heard about the BahaMix tender after they won a small job for marking speed humps with thermoplastic paint. Atario Mitchell thanked BahaMix boss Ryan Rahming, and Green for the opportunity to work for BahaMix and to supply them.

“We thank BahaMix for this great opportunity,”said Mitchell.”We would also like to thank the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture for helping me to start my business with the grant. We’re very happy to see other government departments giving us opportunities to supply them even though we are a new company.”

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